Words for Sympathy Cards

My sister, Betty, writes notes every single day. Yesterday in her comments on my post, she said, “And the same is true with notes/cards. “Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers” ……..or “…in my heart at this sad time” are enough ….Memories are wonderful to add if a person is comfortable doing so. The bottom line is simply – do something. And do I ever agree with “weeks / even months” later. It is never to late to let someone know you care.”

The card does not need to be fancy. In fact, I personally think sometimes the fancier cards are almost offensive. The most important thing is your personal note. Please don’t just slap your signature on a card — no matter how pretty the verse. Add a personal line or two before you sign your name.

A lady called Comfortdoc us a long list of closing sentences/phrases for sympathy cards and I am quoting a few of those from her super lens here —
“I’m praying for you
You are in my thoughts
With Deepest Sympathy
My sincere sympathy
With Heartfelt Condolences
Our thoughts and prayers are with you
He/She will never be forgotten
The memory of him/her will always be in our hearts
Thinking of you
Thinking of you during this difficult time”

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4 Responses to Words for Sympathy Cards

  1. MiMi says:

    Expressing sympathy is always a hard thing to do for most people. ComfortDoc’s lens will certainly help folks get ideas for doing one of life’s most important things: giving comfort to the grieving.

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  4. daybreak says:

    I have been guilty about not sending cards or following up when someone is in need. Part of it comes from my frugal nature and that I sometimes feel that sending un-necessary mail is not a good use of our precious resources.

    On the other hand, several times in my life I have been distraught and an un-expected card really made my day. Whether the medium is a card, phone call or visit with a gift such as food, I think the main thing to remember is that we can have an impact on people if we just take a few minutes and make a gesture to show others that we are thinking about them.

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