Wisdom from A Golden Boomer Senior Citizen and her Dog

My sister’s son recently gave her a dog. Today she wrote this powerful poem about him. I knew you would want to see it! Zeus recently had to have his tail removed due to a medical emergency. He is a rescued dog. And a mighty precious one!

Zeus is Different…
So Are We

Zeus, my dog, is different.
He does not have a tail.
But Zeus is beautiful.
He has long white fur.
He has blue eyes.
But he does not have a tail.
Zeus is a happy dog.
He loves me very much.
But he does not like strangers.
I am different, too.
I am very short and skinny.
But I love people.
My best friend is taller than me.
She does not hear very well.
But she loves me.
My neighbor cannot see.
But he laughs alot and loves music.
We all are different.
Zeus, my friends, and me.
But we smile and are happy.
Are you?

by Betty Tate DeLorme in tribute to her friend, Zeus

About jta

South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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8 Responses to Wisdom from A Golden Boomer Senior Citizen and her Dog

  1. Joan Adams says:

    AJ! of course I am totally curious and anxious to hear your story! Don’t forget to tell me!

  2. AJ says:

    Joan, this post is really “spooky”. This is one of those uncanny connections…..but I cannot tell you why just yet – but within the next few months I will be able to ………
    .-= AJ´s last blog ..Dyson: the environmentally friendly vacuum =-.

  3. bevspaper says:

    What a wonderful poem about Zeus and Betty’s human friends. Sometimes the things that make us different are the very things that make us lovable.
    .-= bevspaper´s last blog ..Are There Signs Of White Buffalo Calf Woman’s Return? =-.

  4. mukunda22 says:

    Zeus is a wonderful name for an cat, dog or any other animal. They have to grow into the name, which is always delightful to experience.

    I had a kitten one time whom I called Sweety Peety. I gave him away to a poet friend, who was appalled by the name we gave him.

    “I will call him ZEUS”, he boomed out to us!!

    I will never forget that.
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Grand Central Vortex =-.

  5. MiMi says:

    Very nice way to put things. Being happy is a choice. Ever seen a three-legged dog that didn’t lope and frolic about in his world anyway? Maybe not, but three-legged dogs certainly don’t sit around and bemoan the loss of that fourth leg — they opt for happiness. Makes you wonder sometimes if humans are the smartest of all living beings.
    .-= MiMi´s last blog ..Do You Believe in Ghosts? =-.

  6. Joan Adams says:

    lol Wonder if the name change affected his personality! That’s funny!

  7. Joan Adams says:

    Amen! But somehow we have forgotten that little gem of wisdom Bev. I get so tired of all the “Stepford Wives”-looking television shows. My goodness, doesn’t anybody weigh 5 lbs over anymore? lol I really work at explaining that to the grandchildren. There are all kinds of people in this world and that’s a good thing! We’re not supposed to be all alike! (Believe I could preach on that subject, don’t you?) lol

  8. Joan Adams says:

    Oh yes, Mimi, I agree! we need to learn from the animals! I think those of us on Crabby’s are learning that lesson, don’t you? Again and again Kate or Bev especially remind us to pay attention to what the animals are teaching us! Maybe we are growing up a little bit.

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