Winter Preparations for Senior Citizens

Yes, as seniors, we really do need to be on Winter Watch! Even though I live in the South, there are some special things I really must think about for the times we are have colder temperatures and the occasional ice and snow. Here is a good “check off list” of winter preparations for senior citizens to work on now!

HEALTH: Did you get your flu shot? Does your physician also recommend the pheumonia injection as well? Do you have a stash of vitamin C in your meds?

FOOD: Have you been adding some of your favorite canned soups, stews, and chili to your pantry? This will taste so good on a cold winter’s night. Ummmm, and how about some hot chocolate packets, peppermint tea or spiced cider?

Starbucks Classic Hot Cocoa, 30 OunceStarbucks Classic Hot Cocoa, 30 OunceHealth Valley Organic SoupHealth Valley Organic Soup

CLOTHING: Let’s find our scarves, gloves, hats, and coats. Do any need mending? Are you ready to head out the door on a cold day? And think about the winter temperatures in your home. Do you have “layering” clothes that will be comfortable and warm?

HOME SETTING: Check with your heat source provider for the best winter rates and thermostat setting if you wish to stay on budget. Mine recommends a setting much lower than my comfort zone, so I compromise. I set it a couple of degrees higher, then add a sweater or jacket to sut me. Also include in your Home Setting list: flashlights with extra batteries (don’t risk using candles) and a plan of action if power is lost and heat is gone. What then? Instant food items should also be on the list, and perhaps even a few jugs of water in case of frozen or broken pipes.

PET CARE: I confess. My dog has thick fur, so that as well as budget helps me keep the home temperature a bit lower. We need to have our pets’ food and water supply on hand at all times as our own. Have alternate plans for necessary trips or walks outside and stash extra litter for cats, food for birds and fish.


Betty DeLorme, Guest Author

Thank you, Betty!

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