Top Ten Tips for Attending the Masters Golf Tournament

attending the mastersIf you are among the lucky ones, and you have a ticket to the Masters Golf Tournament this year, here are a few tips to increase your enjoyment!  If this is your first year attending the Masters, be aware that they are very strict about the rules.  A day at the Masters is a family tradition for us.  Such happy memory-making.

1. Leave your cell phone in the car. Your cell phone is not welcome inside the gates.
2. You will go through a metal detector. No weapons of any kind –including your pocket knife and nail clippers — are allowed through the gates.
3. Have your badge or ticket in hand as you get to the gate. Attach the ticket or badge to your clothing after you go through the turnstile. Keep your badge or ticket within view at all times.
4. If you are attending the Masters practice rounds (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday), cameras are acceptable. Take your camera and take tons of pictures! Leave your camera at home after Wednesday.
5. Binoculars will add to your enjoyment! If you forget the binoculars, you will be mad at yourself!

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6. You will need a golf chair or sitting stick. Large chairs with arm rests and drink holders are no longer acceptable. Of course, you can stand up all day if you like, but you will be happier with a golf chair.
7. Use sunscreen and lip balm. You can burn quickly on the golf course.

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8. Green high on # 3 green is a great place to sit, if you have binoculars to watch # 4 green. Also # 12 tee is a popular spot for viewing.
9. Restrooms and refreshments are readily available.  I recommend the pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches!
10. Have fun! Relax! Enjoy the beautiful scenery and the excellent golf.

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PS Whitey says if you see a squirrel nest or a squirrel on the property to let him know. They simply are not allowed inside the gates! 🙂

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  4. Spook says:

    Would love to be there, it would be like a dream come true. Next best thing, I’ll be glued to the TV.

  5. Spook says:

    One of my favourite tournaments although I have never seen it live, only on TV.

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  7. Joan Adams says:

    Hooray, Mimi! It will be fun to watch knowing you are watching with us! Whitey came home on Thursday. He can actually keep up better with the television commentators to help. He loves to be in the crowd, be on the course, but when things get serious, he wants to be in front of the television. We will both be watching every minute this afternoon. It’s bound to be an exciting day. I would love to see Phil Mickelson win or Fred Couples.

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