To Search for Daily Miracles

Life is full of miracles — we just have to look for them to see them and experience them in their wonder.  Looking for daily miracles is a life changing hobby.

Our new friend, Gretchen Trubee, posted this story on Facebook after the Masters Golf Tournament. I am sharing with you today with Gretchen’s permission. We were deeply touched by her story about her husband meeting our family at the Masters last week. I hope you enjoy as much as we have. Thank you, Gretchen and Luke!

Tiger winning wasn’t the only miracle that happened at The Masters this past weekend…

Luke Trubee and I began a transformational journey 8 weeks ago that has been nothing short of life changing. The further we go, the more we grow. A mentor of mine was sharing a personal testimonial where she wakes up every morning and says, “I can’t wait for my happy miracle today!” My heart swelled over these treasured words and we’ve begun implementing this ever since, journaling all the miracles along the way no matter how big or small.

I couldn’t help but share this story that brought me to tears and sent a wave of goosebumps through my body. A happy miracle to our lives from one of the sweetest men I hope to one day shake hands with.

Luke had been asked on a trip of a lifetime with some dear friends to attend The Masters. This is something we’ve always talked about doing together, and I was SO excited for him to be able to go and experience the sights and sounds that such a prestigious sport has to offer.

Wednesday is a gymnastics night in our neck of the woods. I was quietly studying my modules while Mia tumbled and spun her way across the gym when I got a call from Luke. He couldn’t wait to tell me about his day, and I couldn’t wait to hear.

The Masters Golf TournamentIt was the day of the Par 3 Contest. Everyone was jumping out of their skin with excitement as they handed their tickets over and raced their way to Hole #2, a highly coveted and sought after spot. They planted their chairs front row, and continued to bask in the glory Augusta had to offer.

Once things started out, they took their place. At this point, a sweet, kind, and loving family had joined them in the front row. The Adams family. “Whitey” was his name, “Poppy” by his grandchildren. From the ripe old age of 80, he still had the spunk of a 25 year old and the wisdom of an old soul. Luke RAVED about his family, telling the story bit by bit. So vivid. I felt like I was there in those moments with them all.

Randy is Whitey’s son, and he told Luke their family’s story and how they’ve been coming there for years. Whitey had remarkably attended every Masters since 1956.

They connected about baseball and how their family travels from Charleston, which held a special place in Luke’s heart since he pitched in minor league ball with the Charleston Riverdogs. When Whitey asked where we were from, Luke told him, “Ohio.”

The Masters TournamentWhitey then asked for Luke’s hand as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny, shiny buckeye and placed it in his palm.

(As the story went on, tears welled up in my eyes. I could feel that smooth, cool buckeye in my hand. An energetic shift with such power and positivity. Such a simple and kind gesture from the heart. “Why am I crying?! I love this sweet man! I HAVE to meet him!” I said to myself!)

Whitey explained to Luke how he carries these Buckeyes around and gives them to people he connects with and who deserves some good luck in their lives. He then tells a story of a kind lady who helped him to his car after grocery shopping. He gave her a Buckeye and she began to weep. This same woman came to Whitey years before. She received this gift from him right before finding herself in a life threatening car accident. She survived, and attributed this good fortune to that Buckeye Whitey gave her.

For someone so wise, for someone so kind and generous, so free, so vibrant, and calm, you’d never even know that actually, Whitey was blind. More amazingly, blindness since the 80s hasn’t stopped him from hitting golf balls daily.

As they continued to talk, moments later, Jack Nicklaus made his way to Hole #2. He notices his old friend, and swiftly joins him to shake his hand. Arms distance away from Luke, there they stood. Two legends together as they connected… another happy miracle for all to witness.

I don’t know this family, but I feel like they’ve changed my life. Stories and words make such a deep impression on our hearts. They hold power, energy, vibration, frequency. They emotionally charge you, inspire you, empower you, and fulfill you.

Thank you, Whitey and your family for blessing ours. We will continue to share this little miracle with those we love as you have shared with us.

“The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness.” – Victor Hugo

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