Time is a River Book Review

Time is a River is a book that you will never forget. Simply, the book follows the ups and downs of Mia and her survival and adjustment to both a serious illness and a divorce.
I was totally inspired by Mia’s story. Mia will quickly become your very best friend and you will experience her adventure, her emotions and her victories. This is a book you will want all of your friends to read! There are even discussion questions in the back of my paperback copy — great for any book club.
Time Is a River (Indie Next Pick) made me feel good. Yes, it is a novel and yes, it includes some mystery and some romance. But the key to this book is in Mia’s emotional healing, facing her fears, becoming her own woman — and as Mia grows as a person, so do her readers.

It’s hard to discuss the story itself because I don’t want to reveal too much. This is a story that deserves to be savored. Each reader needs to discover the wonders of Watkins Mill, its human inhabitants, its natural wonders, and the spirit of Kate Watkins which lingers there, to help Mia with her journey toward not just recovery, but change, growth and enlightenment.


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