Thanksgiving for One Person or More

Are you planning a special Thanksgiving for one person or more?    Will you be alone for Thanksgiving Day? Do you have friends who may find themselves without plans?  Are you expecting family to be with you around the table? Do you have family traditions at the holidays? Will you prepare the turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings?

Thanksgiving for More Than One

Let’s look at both scenarios. If you will have family with you, do you really want or are you able to do all of the preparations yourself this year? If not, it is time to suggest alternate plans. For example, why not purchase the turkey and dressing (or whatever your tradition) from a local grocery or market and let others bring a dish. You, of course, can keep a master list to avoid duplications and to assure that various favorites are included. If you enjoy cooking, you can “fill in the gaps” as the list takes shape. Then, the gathering is not a heavy burden just on you, but the food preparation allows everyone to be a part of the celebration. Would you dare use paper products to reduce clean-up time and effort? Why not?

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Thanksgiving for One Person

On the other hand, if you will be alone, why not start now to make a list of friends who may be thrilled at the opportunity for a Thanksgiving gathering! They, too, may wish to bring a dish and be part of the preparation and celebration.As an alternative, check local restaurants and have eating out together as another option. Then no one will have the responsibility of work and cleanup, but everyone will share the joy of being with friends.
Holidays can be lonely or stressful times for us! Let’s not let that happen this year…not just thinking of ourselves, but our friends as well. We have so very much to be thankful for, especially our families and our friends.

If you are determined to celebrate a special Thanksgiving for one person – prepare yourself a beautiful meal of your own favorites.   Spend some time collecting recipes you will prepare and share — or put in the freezer.  Make a list of all the many things you are thankful for this year.   Send out cards – thank friends and family who have been especially kind to you.  Or send cards to remind suffering friends that you are thinking of them during this holiday season – people who are ill, grieving, or going through rough times — all will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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