Talking Alarm Clocks


When vision is a challenge you might like to find out that there are talking electronics you can buy for yourself or a loved one.

One of these is the talking alarm clocks which can provide you with preset or customized sounds and recorded statements. Some clocks have periodic announcements which would be great for daytime use as you are working throughout the day.

Interactive models allow you to speak to the clock to access features and functions making them ‘vision free’ (NOTE: Watch for celebrated models endorsed and recommended by the “Stevie Wonder Foundation VisionFree Award”).

Anyone with a visual impairment will be delighted to have an alarm clock that can talk and to find there are models which can be voice interactive, have customized recorded messages, and even tell you the day and date. Knowing the date, day, time, and hearing a friendly voice you recognize saying “time to play golf” would be a great way to tell someone with low vision that you understand and they will be grateful to you for thinking of them.

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