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When my husband lost his vision in 1988, we quickly learned that a talking watch and/or talking alarm clocks would be a requirement, not a luxury! In those days, the internet was still a mystery to me. I got on the telephone and started making calls until I found a wonderful little talking watch!

As the years have gone by, we have gradually discovered talking alarm clocks and other helpful items. If you have a friend or relative who is visually impaired, please let them know about these aids.

We did not realize talking alarm clocks were so readily available until one Christmas, when a friend bought one for my husband. What a super gift! I am daily thankful for the inventors and sellers of these small items that make such a huge difference in our lives! The vast array of products for the blind continues to grow year after year.

Tel Time Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock

Press the top of this unique triangular clock to have its clear female voice report the time. Wake up to sounds of a cuckoo, rooster, or beep- you can even set the volume levels. Using 4 AA batteries, it features a liquid crystal display, easily set without vision.

Please note this item does not have an hourly announcement.

Personal Minder Alarm Clock

The Possibilities are Endless: Record anything! – “Happy Birthday!” “Go for a walk!” You can even record your favorite short affirmation in your own voice. Set alarms that identify appointments. “Doctor appointment in 1 hour” or “Meet Jane for lunch.”

The Moshi VC Alarm Clock

The Moshi VC Alarm Clock is the first ‘listening clock’ that allows you set the time and alarm by your voice alone.
No more small buttons and no more impossible programming. Just speak, and Moshi listens.

Analog and Digital Talking Desk Clock

Analog and digital talking desk clock with an alarm and optional hourly time announcement. An hourly time announcement may sound like an irritation, but believe me, it is a major help for anyone who is visually impaired. Like the old clock chimes, you soon hear it subconsciously, and are not really aware that it is sounding.

Talking Calendar Alarm Clock

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Talking Calendar Alarm Clock Can you imagine not being able to see a calendar to know the date? This one is a great help! A clear male voice announces the time and date. It is easy to program and comes with a protective cover so it is not reset by mistake. $74.95
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Analog Talking Clock

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Talking Analog Clock

This is a great clock for the blind or visually impaired. Analog readout, voice time report and an alarm and hourly time announcement.

Personal note — I purchased this clock for our house recently. And I really am enjoying it! My favorite thing is waking up and seeing the clock without my glasses on! Yes, it talks and hubby likes that part, but I love seeing those numbers! And the shape is so stylish. It looks good and it is bigger than I expected.

This is one of the best low vision aids for macular degeneration.

PS When you are searching for great gifts for seniors, consider talking products.

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