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Tricycles for Adults

Exercise is important at any age but perhaps the most challenging for senior citizens who have a few special needs such as decreasing ability to balance. So it is a great idea to find great exercise options that take this … Continue reading

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Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga for senior citizens is more popular as our senior population grows in the United States.  Yoga is gentle exercise that will help keep your body healthy as you age. Our guest today is Karen Coupland. Karen is a certified … Continue reading

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Medication Organizers for Seniors

Invest in a pill organizer: Pill organizers are a must-have if you take several different medications every day. They usually have seven or more compartments to help you organize your medicines for each day of the week. When you get your medications, transfer the pills to the organizer. When you look at the organizer you will easily be able to tell whether or not you remembered to take your pills for that day. Remember that if you have small children in your home, pill organizers are not childproof. You will need to take extra precautions to make sure your medications are out of reach. Continue reading

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