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To Search for Daily Miracles

Life is full of miracles — we just have to look for them to see them and experience them in their wonder.  Looking for daily miracles is a life changing hobby. Our new friend, Gretchen Trubee, posted this story on … Continue reading

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What is Amazon Echo? A Cool Electronic or Homewrecker?

Our Review of the Amazon Echo aka Alexa My husband has a new girlfriend!  She lives inside the Amazon Echo and her name is Alexa.  Alexa is the “wake up word” for the Echo.  You can choose to use the … Continue reading

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Talking Alarm Clocks

  When vision is a challenge you might like to find out that there are talking electronics you can buy for yourself or a loved one. One of these is the talking alarm clocks which can provide you with preset … Continue reading

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Digital Magnifier Gadgets

If you or someone you know is challenged with low vision ability then you will be happy to find the low vision reading gadgets, digital magnifier, you can use to magnify what you are reading. One of the favorites in … Continue reading

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iPhone Accessibility for Seniors with Low Vision

The IPhone Accessibility features make the iPhone extremely friendly for people with low vision. You can zoom, voice over, or even change from black on white text to white on black. With the voice over turned on, a simple touch of a button will tell you exactly what that button will do. Continue reading

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Guide Dogs for the Legally Blind, A Second Review

Guide Dogs for the Blind has no cost charged to the new owner. The dog, training, air travel, and room and board are all included. This school is located on the west coast, and since Whitey would be in school for 3 weeks, the distance might be prohibitive, but I am impressed with their website and their facility. Continue reading

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Time for a Seeing Eye or Guide Dog?

If you see someone with a Seeing Eye Dog in a restaurant, hospital, shopping mall — do not be surprised or alarmed. The law in all 50 states allows these dogs to accompany their owners. Do not grab the dog, the owner or the dog’s harness. The dog is working. You can ask the owner for permission to pet the dog if you like. The biggest problem for dog owners is interference from the public. Please be aware of this problem and act accordingly. Continue reading

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