Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

spring is comingThe Signs of Spring Coming

“Look, Joan-Joan, look what I found! Isn’t it beautiful?” My 6 year old granddaughter had found a daffodil in the back yard.

I said, “Oh yes, it is very beautiful. The daffodil is telling us that spring is coming!” Jessica immediately jumped up and down and up and down and up and down shouting “spring is coming, spring is coming, spring is coming!

Is there anything more delightful than the totally honest enthusiasm of a 6 year old?

Dear God in Heaven, make me enthusiastic as Jessica! I am thankful for the seasons and I love, love spring and always have. This year, I will not only enjoy it, I will celebrate with enthusiasm! I think maybe the next time Jessica is here, we will get out my mama’s little tea set and have ourselves a real “Southern lady tea party” to celebrate the coming of spring. As Jannelle Kleppin recommends inBanish the Blahs, perhaps I will cut the peanut butter sandwiches in fun shapes with no crust. Yes, we will celebrate!!!!   May we all be encouraged by the signs of spring coming.  Welcome, Spring!

From Musings from Joan – 2008

Ladybug Welcome Spring Garden Flag Flowers 12.5Ladybug Welcome Spring Garden Flag Flowers 12.5Dragonfly Flight Spring Garden Flag Welcome Dragonflies 12.5Dragonfly Flight Spring Garden Flag Welcome Dragonflies 12.5


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3 Responses to Spring is Coming! Spring is Coming!

  1. mukunda22 says:

    Seeing through the eyes of a child is a gift unto itself!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Grand Central Vortex =-.

  2. Kim says:

    I am going to run outside right now and celebrate those daffodils in my front yard. Thank you, Joan-Joan and Jessica for reminding me.
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Would you like to discuss a book? =-.

  3. joyfulpamela says:

    My daffodils just started blooming, too! Isn’t it wonderful how children have a way of making everything feel like it’s the first time something has happened? It makes me see things in a fresh way, too! 🙂

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