Seniors and Baby Boomers – Should you still be driving?

Probably the hardest day for my husband, after he was diagnosed as legally blind, was the day the doctor told him he could no longer drive the car.

The doctor called our home, asked me if we could both get on the telephone and we did. And he very clearly told Whitey he absolutely could no longer drive a car. Our lives changed seriously that day. Losing the independence that comes with driving your car can be very difficult. Suddenly Whitey was dependent on us for every errand, every visit to a friend, and it seemed to him, everything he wanted to do. It was difficult for him to ask to go places.

All of us, if we are lucky to live so long, will one day be told not to drive anymore. Are you prepared for that? This video shows 84 year old Ernie Siegel taking a driving test. It is a thought provoking video. As you watch the video, picture yourself, or your parents, in this situation. Are you ready to accept the results of such a test?

Just click on the link and the video will show right here on the blog!

Senior Driving Test

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7 Responses to Seniors and Baby Boomers – Should you still be driving?

  1. bevspaper says:

    Great topic today, Joan! Boomers and Seniors need to be honest with themselves on this one…their lives and the lives of others depend on it. It hurts so much to take someone’s freedom from them but better their freedom than to lose them too soon.
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  2. Joan Adams says:

    Oh Kim, you are so right. I really think only a physician or a senior driving test like this one can judge driving ability.

    And if the family does that too soon, then the driver always resents that — the rest of their lives. That’s very risky with any relationship. I would certainly be angry if my family made that decision for me. I think it would be easier to take from a doctor or an elderly testing program.

  3. kimsworld says:

    I have seen first hand the devastation of taking an elderly person’s car away. You are so right when you say it takes away everything they are used to doing. Even going to church. I think we should put governors on the throttle and big signs that say, “SENOIR CITIZEN DRIVER” on them. That way you would give them more room just like a student driver. Whitney’s case is a little different, but sometimes the FAMILY makes the decision to take the keys away without just cause. NO ONE wants to be picked up and dropped off at the store and be told I’ll come back to get you in an hour or so!

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  5. Joan Adams says:

    Mass transit is a wonderful option in the bigger cities. I know there are blind couples in our capital city of Columbia SC, who do quite well with the mass transit available there. In our area though, mass transit is virtually non-existent. There is a cab company or two, but that is a very expensive option.

  6. Joan Adams says:

    A motorbike is a super option too. I also like these senior communities where all the residents drive golf carts and everything they need is close by.

    It’s a scary situation, no matter the option – and I would think that taking the safest route is the way to go. We will all be there some day ourselves and we need to think this through together.

  7. mukunda22 says:

    Mass transit is another alternative, and this kind of seamless mode of transportation–mono-rails and such–are sadly lacking here in the US!
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