How Seniors Make Money from Home Online

Do you want to know how seniors make money from home on line?    We all work on line and we are all most definitely seniors.  If you have sisters, I hope you have as much fun as we do! Separated by miles, we are in touch via the internet, instant messaging, e-mail and the telephone! Let me introduce us!

We were a family of four children. Each one of us four years apart. Our father worked in an accounting job in a textile mill, so obviously he was planning for college days in the future! 🙂How seniors make money at home

Our baby brother and our parents died years ago. But the 3 of us have survived. And here we are — on the internet! Now who on earth could have dreamed such a thing in 1953?

What Do the Tate Sisters Do?

We write.  And we rewrite.   At the moment, you are reading one of my blogs.  I also have a blog called Earn by Writing Articles. When the decorator in me wants to express herself, I write about Unique Bathroom Themes. It’s fun to explore and discuss different ways to decorate bathrooms – it really is. Nancy writes on Hubpages and supports her local community volunteer efforts on Facebook and through Hubpages.   Betty wrote hundreds of posts on bubblews until their recent closing and is presently working on an e-book.  There are so many ways to make money on line just by writing about the products you use every day.

If you want to make money on line, you need to start with a good course in internet marketing.   My favorite place to learn and meet folks is called Pajama Affiliates.  I have been in this business a long time, and I continue to learn new techniques and skills with Pajama Affiliates classes.  The group is so friendly and helpful.  We have beginners and experts all in the same group, and honestly, each one of them is amazing.  We help and support each other every day.

This poem was created for our special inauguration of Cousin Chris some years ago. Written by sister, Betty, I think it describes us very well.

Tate sisters…….

Learn songs, listen to and tell stories, act silly, wear basic black for any occasion, laugh a lot, Trust in God, love to dance (especially the Shag), believe in Angels, share cercis (surprise gifts), eat Southern foods, Drink only the finest, smoke only the best, extend hospitality, make lots of lists and check off, give great parties, listen and advise, know how to cook a few special things, live with honesty and integrity, are grateful for blessings, appreciate pass-arounds and hand-me-downs, are kind to and love animals, have a special attraction to frogs, butterflies and hummingbirds, take pictures, pray, love our country, make adventures in our lives, have lots of friends, remember that it’s never too late to be what you might have been, follow their dreams, dare to try, are creative, share the tears, give lots of hugs, support each other, brag on kids and grandkids, encourage, never forget how to be a child (blow bubbles and balloons, own a new pack of crayolas and coloring book), appreciate nature, enjoy a good book, learn, grow and stretch, enjoy history and our heritage, love angels, display, use and enjoy the beautiful family treasures, remember that “Today is the First Day for the Rest of Your Life”, say I love you often, let others know that you’re thinking of them, especially family and try to make a difference in this world.


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  1. Love Betty’s poem, you are a very close family and that is lovely plus you all have the same interests, that is pretty amazing.

  2. Joan-Shared—so glad you got me to this website. Thanks a bunch.

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