Senior Fundamentals for Today – Good Advice for Everybody!

Wake up with ‘fusiasm for the day! Beginning each morning full of excitement, anticipation, and joy is quite a challenge for those of us who wake up slowly and tread softly until we have had our morning coffee. But, what a wonderful goal this can be! A special relative woke his children with a loud and clear “Fusiasm” each morning—the way he arises as well! The tone is set. With ‘fusiasm, we will smile, move, accomplish, be happy, and positively make a difference to those around us. Shall we try it? I dare you!

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We as seniors not only have to focus on our day, but each step we take, each mile we drive, each meal we prepare! We must think about where we are walking and be especially careful on rough terrain, at curbs, and on stairs. When driving, we must be aware of other drivers and pedestrians, our speed, and avoid using cell phones, chatting with a passenger, or waving at the neighbors. And in the kitchen, it is critical to stay at the stove when cooking, check that the range is off when leaving, and be especially careful when using sharp knives, reaching for glasses or dishes in high places, and avoid using ladders.




Faith is such a huge, all-encompassing word! We think first of our religious faith and how that daily impacts our lives. But we also have faith in our family and friends and rely on their love and caring. And we must also have faith in ourselves. We can be positive, productive — a person who is pleasant, healthy, alert, and sensitive. We can continue to stretch, grow, learn, explore. Let’s check our faith reserves!


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Every day should include fun and laughter! This often seems difficult, especially if alone. A favorite line from my Dad is: “No one is going to give you a good time on a silver platter!” In other words, fun and laughter—a good time—must come from within. How can we work on that challenge? First, we can reach out. Invite someone for lunch at home or at a nearby restaurant. Call a friend to come play board games, cards, or watch a movie. Take dessert, a meal, a blossom to a neighbor. Send a card, note, or email to an old friend or someone ill. For laughter, explore and enjoy movies, productions, and books that are comedies. Dare to be active and join an art or exercise class, where you may find laughter at your own attempts. And most important, be around happy people—friends who make you laugh! Good medicine, indeed!

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Submitted today by my sister – Thank you, Betty Tate DeLorme!

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2 Responses to Senior Fundamentals for Today – Good Advice for Everybody!

  1. Aysha says:

    These are some wonderful advise and is very important for each and everyone of us – young or old. It is important to wake up happy with faith and fun in our lives.

  2. Dianne says:

    Hi Betty! What great advice, not only for seniors but everyone! A positive attitude can take a person a long way.

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