Plastic Canvas Crafts for Kids

Plastic canvas crafts for kids are wonderful for grandchildren and grandmothers to practice and learn together.  Plastic canvas kits for kids are easy for beginners and provide early successes that are motivational for the little ones.  They will want to create more and more. 

Yesterday was magical! Our granddaughter was visiting with us. I excitedly showed her the beginnings of an afghan I am crocheting for her. Surprisingly, she recognized it immediately. “I did not know you could crochet, Joan-Joan.”

She is an artistic child, and I really just wanted her to approve of the colors I had chosen. I had no idea she even knew what “crocheting” meant.

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Within the next few minutes, I pulled out the plastic canvas and yarn I had bought for her a few years ago. (I tend to buy everything too early for my grands – I am an excited grandma for sure!) We had a delightful time, playing with all the colors of yarn and the big needles. Her dad called this morning to tell me that she had chosen to stay home and sew rather than go swimming last evening! Now this grandma is beaming! Of course, I want her to swim and play outside, but I am thrilled that she is excited about plastic canvas crafts.

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Now hopefully this little introduction to plastic canvas crafts for kids will lead her to a lifetime love of stitching. Stitching — cross stitch, crochet, plastic canvas – is meditative and relaxing and a wonderful hobby for anybody!

Easy Plastic Canvas Crafts for Kids


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So today I am thankful – and dreaming of the hours we will spend stitching together and oooooohing and aaaaaaaahing over colors of yarn as only stitchers can do!

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5 Responses to Plastic Canvas Crafts for Kids

  1. bevspaper says:

    Oh Joan how exciting! A little stitcher in your midst! Hopefully, at least one of mine will love to stitch too…a little too young right now but from this I see hope.

  2. Joan Adams says:

    Thank you, Mimi, Carma, and Bev — I do hope she continues to love it, even if in fits and starts. At least now she sees needlework as something I enjoy and she knows she can do it too. I really have always wished I had learned more than I did, but I enjoy the little I do know. Maybe we will learn some things together!

  3. Carma says:

    Aww, Joan-Joan! That is so sweet! What a lucky little girl to have a grandma like you!

  4. MiMi says:

    Well, I could just picture y’all together doing all that. I still remember my grandmother teaching me how to crochet, and your little granddaughter will never forget it either. Yarn, buttons, needles, hooks — all that stuff reminds me of those times, just like it will her. 🙂

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