Pets for Seniors – Pros and Cons

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Their big searching eyes and pleading looks touch our hearts! I can hardly walk by the shop where these special caged animals all but beg to be loved, cared for, and given a home. In fact, I try to avoid shopping at that mall on the days when I know they are there. The abandoned or rescued dogs and cats seem to know the great importance of the moment. Their days may be numbered, and I cannot help. Or can we? Should we? Let’s think about the positives and negatives of pet ownership. This topic will be a three part series including: Benefits, Financial Responsibilities, Time Commitment, Risks Involved; Loss of Pet; Variety of Pets; and My Dog, Zeus.

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Benefits: Oh, truly there is something wonderful about the companionship of a dear pet! Dog, cat, or other beautiful creatures may rely on us totally for their existence basics and in return, give love, no matter what! Well, most of the time! Some animals have such unfortunate personal histories that they never adjust to a new environment, while others exhibit total commitment and appreciation for every moment of attention. Whether you are rescuing an animal or purchasing from an owner or shop, you will know if personalities fit and if both will find mutual joy in the relationship. You may know instantly, or trust, mutual respect and caring may take time. As schedules, routines, words, signals, commands, and rewards and the animal responses develop, the bond grows closer, and you will find – whether you want to admit it or not – your pet rules the domain! Your daily schedule will probably change so that your companion’s needs are satisfied.

Financial Responsibilities: Pet ownership is definitely a financial responsibility! First, immediately affiliate with a reliable veterinarian facility. Assure that your pet has the necessary preventive care and determine a yearly routine, any special needs, emergency care options, etc.

Secondly, daily food, bowls, treats, toys, steps, bedding area, sweaters, and so on, will impact your Pet Budget. And when you will be away for an overnight or a week or two, good pet care is essential! Whether you “trade” with a neighbor, board your pet, or have someone coming to your home, again, the expense of being a good pet owner enters the picture. Unexpected illnesses and death of a pet are things we do not like to think or talk about, but are reality when we assume the financial responsibilities of pet ownership.

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Reflect on these first two considerations. On line or at your library, read more about breeds and various temperaments, sizes, and needs. Talk seriously with friends who have pets and learn from their experiences. In a few days, we will investigate the Time, Risks, and Loss of Pets for Seniors. The decision is not one that should be made on the spur of the moment, but studied to determine what is best for a special creature and what is best for you!1 maggie may

Enjoy your pet! Betty DeLorme

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2 Responses to Pets for Seniors – Pros and Cons

  1. Susan says:

    I absolutely believe that a senior in reasonable health should have a pet. It is a proven fact of the health benefits their relationship can have on the senior.

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Thank you, Susan! So do I! However, so much enters the picture, doesn’t it? It is a major decision, for sure. Can hardly wait to tell you about my dog, Zeus!

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