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I never expected to be in the news – especially after 60 years old. But a few weeks ago a reporter called me for an interview. She had found me on twitter!

I had a delightful time visiting with Sally Taylor, a free lance reporter for the Rock Hill Herald.  And of course, rushed around to clean up my desk for the photographer’s visit.  🙂   It was all fun and kinda exciting for this grandma.

But the biggest surprise and the most fun of all was in the days that followed the publication of the story.  My wonderful friends on-line, mostly from Squidoo, were gracious enough to comment on that article in the on-line version.  What a thrill to see my on-line friends posting in our local paper.

Those of us who spend our days writing on line cherish our on-line friendships.  These are the friends who read our work, encourage us on the days we draw a blank, help us with technical details and are our support system.

If you have not read the on-line version yet, please do that.  You can click my picture in this post or the underlined link.  When you do that, please notice the comments from my wonderful on-line friends.  They represent 3 continents in all.   Who would have ever thought that in my lifetime I would have friends around the world — dear and cherished friends?

And if you are one of those dear on line friends, thank you for commenting on that article.  I will forever appreciate your taking the time to do that.  I know how busy you are!   And I will treasure the day my 0n-line friends met with my real life world right in our local paper.

What an experience!  Thank you!

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2 Responses to Over 60 and Featured in the Local News – Granny Geek

  1. patricia says:

    I am glad to know you Joan! You are a wonderful person to know!

  2. Correen says:

    Joan I was so thrilled for you! And I thought Sally did a bang up job on the write-up. Keep on keeping on…you deserve every bit of this spotlight.

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