I Learn Important Lessons from Trees

Are you stuck? Not sure which way to turn or how to get out of the situation you are in? Does it feel as if your life will never be better?


You may have read this post before. I originally wrote this in 2007 on my very first blog. From time to time, I feel led to share it again. Someone needs to read this today and I need to share it one more time.

It was a dark and dreary time in my life. I began to read a book of spiritual exercises. I cannot even remember the name of the book now, but it was important to me at the time. One of the suggestions was to go outside and draw a tree. I almost laughed. I cannot draw at all!! But I was determined– and went outside and sketched a picture of a little crepe myrtle out in the back yard.

The next assignment was go back in one month,and re-draw the tree on top of my original drawing — in a different color highlighter. And then again, to re-draw the tree on top of the original drawing, in a different color each month. I was faithful to my little drawing for several months and then forgot about it. I found it again a year or so later, and redrew my little tree in still another color. I was amazed! The little tree had grown new branches, and flowered, and gotten much taller.

The spiritual lesson to be learned was that everything changes in time. When we feel “stuck” or feel we are living a nightmare, we can rest assured that things will change, though at times the change seems ever so slow. Today when I look out at that same tree, I am reminded that life is ever moving, ever changing. If you are feeling stuck today, go draw a tree!

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8 Responses to I Learn Important Lessons from Trees

  1. MiMi says:

    Have never read this piece, Joan. Gave me those chills a person gets when they read something profound. Great advice!

  2. Joan Adams says:

    Oh good, Mimi! I felt like I was posting something I had rerun 100 times, but that one experience turned out to be one of the most powerful lessons of my life.
    I think it was Erma Bombeck, who used to say her favorite Bible verse was “it came to pass”.

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  4. Joan Adams says:

    I am glad you found that helpful, Correen. I know it was helpful to me and I have never forgotten it. Somehow doing the exercise planted the “change” reality firmly in my head and heart! I am thankful!

  5. Marvelous words of wisdom…do that which is hardest! I know all the stuff about planting a tree and watching it grow…this advice was so much better, wiser! Thanks Joan.

  6. Dianne says:

    I hadn’t seen this before. It reminds me of the saying, “This too shall pass.” We walk through different seasons in our lives.

    • jta says:

      Indeed, Dianne. I agree. Someone once told me that their favorite Bible verse was “It came to pass.” We walk through all kinds of seasons in this lifetime and thankfully the valleys are usually matched by the peaks!

  7. Joan says:

    Thank you, Susan, and thank you for visiting too! That really is one of the most important lessons of my life, I think. We can “know” that time moves on, but seeing it in the tree made it more real for me!

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