Keep Your Sense of Humor – no matter what!

Continuing yesterday’s discussion of my husband’s legal blindness and how we cope —

Whitey had hernia surgery a couple of weeks ago. As with every other doctor visit or hospital visit, he was busy creating havoc. Just before they wheeled him into surgery, staff popped in and out of the room, checking his armband and asking “What is your name?” Finally he could take it no longer. He answered “Sidney Shagnasty!”

Wouldn’t you like to know what that nurse told the rest of the staff when she got out of that room?

Of course, he had also asked the surgeon his classic question — “Doc, will I be able to drive after this surgery?”
The doctor said, “Yes, in a few weeks you should be able to drive”

“It’s a miracle! I have not driven in over 25 years! Thank you, Doc!”

I can’t take him anywhere!

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14 Responses to Keep Your Sense of Humor – no matter what!

  1. Joan Adams says:

    John! I had not ever seen that quote before! I don’t know
    how I missed that one! Thank you! That’s a keeper!

  2. mukunda22 says:

    Lol Lol!! Great stories about One Resilient Man!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Dog Avatar =-.

  3. Carolan says:

    What a delightful character Whitey is.
    Tell him this story for me … at the school for the blind where I used to work, many of the staff members were blind. They used to LOVE greeting each other by saying the same thing each day…
    “Long Time No See!” 😉
    This happened daily at lunch and they would always giggle, took a few repeats til one day it hit me…they are blind …long time no SEE.
    LOL! Attitude is everything!

  4. Bob Brownlee says:


    Ask Whitey if Sidney Shagnasty is a first cousin of Bevo Francis who I remember from our old Erskine days? Hope both of you are recovering and getting well.


    • Joan Adams says:

      Yes, for sure, Bob! Sidney is a cousin, I think! 🙂

  5. Joan Adams says:

    That’s fun, Carolan!! Most of the time I find people really don’t know how to take Whitey’s blind jokes. Of course, his close friends give him a fit!
    Might as well laugh – sure beats crying! lol

  6. Carolan says:

    Blindness usually results in other senses becoming a TON more accute, and when combined with a cute sense of humor…then it can be a beautiful thing. I am sure YOU know that, Joan, but I was enlightened.

    I was amazed at how quickly my blind students could pick-up on things never expected…like I would run into a student in the hall and say ‘Hi Justin’ and he’d say ‘Hi Ms. Ross, how ya doing today?’ So HOW did he know it was ME? Asked him, and he just recognized my voice (in a crowded hallway, and I was NEW there).

    Once one of the blind teachers once said ‘hello Carol’ before I had said anything at all, kinda spooked me… she said she recognized my smell…hope that was a GOOD thing. She said it was. Hope true. 😉

  7. Joan Adams says:

    Oh yes! Whitey recognizes voices almost instantly — and sometimes these are folks he has not seen in years and years — it fascinates me! He definitely knows the sound of our car, too — different from other cars to him — and for me, they all sound the same.

  8. Carolan says:

    Dunno WHY my pic keeps showing up as a ghost here instead of having a real mug shot.
    Working on that with gravatar (and Alex) … really not a ghost, Joan knows that.

  9. Joan Adams says:

    For sure, Carolan! I will be happy when your pretty smile pops up instead of that gray ghost! But I do recognize your name, and I so appreciate your visits and your valuable input.

  10. Richard says:

    Love it! LOL!
    .-= Richard´s last blog ..30DC: George Harrison – My Sweet Lord =-.

  11. mukunda22 says:

    I bet Whitey’s used that one!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..The Presence Of The Divine: Allow Her To Lead =-.

  12. Joan Adams says:

    Thanks, Dianne! Those two guys would probably totally enjoy each other!

  13. Dianne says:

    My husband is not blind but it sounds like he has a sense of humor like Whitey’s. And yes, sometimes I feel like I can’t take him anywhere. 😉
    .-= Dianne´s last blog ..Notes from the Nimitz =-.

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