It’s Time for a Grabber!

Oh, I wish I had a grabber!

I can’t reach anything on the top shelves of the closets anymore! The cabinets in my kitchen go to the ceiling and are also out of reach. My son has forbidden me to climb a ladder, but I want something from that top shelf! What can I do?

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First, I deeply appreciate his caring and concern about my safety. He is so right! I am not as agile or surefooted as I used to be. But he is not here at the very time I need something tucked away, up high, out of my reach. And I need it now, not next week when he is coming by to check on me and for a good visit!

A friend mentioned that she had seen something which may just be the answer! It is called a “grabber” and I laughed when she told me! But, when she explained, it really makes sense! I can purchase a “tool” of sorts, which will enable me to reach some of the things I need “right now.”

Betty Tate DeLorme

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