Internet Friends Meet Face to Face

After the family reunion, daughter Kathy escorted Kate and I to Seabrook Island. What a beautiful place! Of course, Kate was immediately enthralled by all the wildlife there, and insisted on sleeping on the porch – she said it was like sleeping in the middle of a jungle – all the wild animal sounds throughout the night. We really did have a nice guestroom for her! 🙂

We settled in on the porch for the entire visit. It was funny that Kate loved that porch as much as I do. The grandchildren call that porch “Joan-Joan’s favorite place” and indeed it is. I think the most interesting thing about our meeting face-to-face for the first time and enjoying an entire week together, was the easy way we slipped into our real life relationship. We were old friends immediately, continuing the friendship we started on line over three years ago. One look at this table and the papers and books and “stuff” says it all! We were not strangers, but old friends. Isn’t that wonderful?

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  1. Joan Adams says:

    Thank you both. Yes, it’s really fun to think about — we all visit and enjoy our friendships on line – but many people asked me before Kate’s arrival “What if you don’t like each other?” lol After over 3 years of writing and talking on the phone and doing radio shows, it would have certainly been a shock Not to like each other immediately!

  2. Joan Adams says:

    Thank you, Bev! We have so many super pictures! Kate kept that iphone busy taking photos and Kathy lives with a camera in her hand, as does Nancy! We had such fun and it is great to relive it all with the pictures for sure! Now, when are you coming to South Carolina?

  3. Kim says:

    Yes, it certainly is wonderful! I’m so glad you got to meet face to face.

  4. BevsPaper says:

    Am loving these posts showing the fun you and Kate had in real life.

  5. Joan Adams says:

    I certainly agree, Michey, and I think we need to at least start having some regional meetings, even if we have to create them ourselves!

  6. mukunda22 says:

    Joan–all of the posts by other people are showing your picture and not theirs.

    Another wierd glitch in the system.
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Astrology’s Astrologer Will Do Johnney Depp’s Chart 4/13/2010 =-.

  7. mukunda22 says:

    PS–Wonderful post!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Astrology’s Astrologer Will Do Johnney Depp’s Chart 4/13/2010 =-.

  8. AJ says:

    Errrr…when I was a Squdoo “Intern” last fall, one of my proposals was an outline for a national Squidoo conference + some regional ones – I do hope they do it one day 🙂

    Been loving these posts from you and Kate, Joan.

  9. Dianne says:

    Indeed it is wonderful. How fun to turn an internet friend into a real life friend!
    .-= Dianne´s last blog ..Goats for Weed Control at Naval Base Kitsap =-.

  10. Joan Adams says:

    AJ – I really think we are going to have to plan these regional meet-ups ourselves if they are going to really happen! For sure we could have one in Pendleton/Clemson area and cover both Carolinas. Maybe if we start having meetings, Squidoo will jump in and help us!

  11. I loved hearing of your adventure together! Moon and Moo, together at Last! (Sounds like a good name for a book series… The Adventures of Moon and Moo… Book 1, Together at Last! LOL

    OF COURSE YOU’D HIT IT OFF LIKE OLD FRIENDS, even family! I could feel your bonded energy, love and appreciation for eachother on the radio show. I’m suprised you even had one thought of anything other outcome.

    I too loved hearing about the Adventures of Moon and Moo as they survived in the wild, escaping ferocious alligators, big bugs and vast oak trees that wanted to gobble them up! It’s great to have a look at the now infamous porch where Kate listened to many a wild frog and alligator overnight. I’m glad to see it is screened or she might not be here to tell the tale!
    .-= Amy Flynn~ @allaboutenergy´s last blog ..Find and Celebrate Your Invisible Wealth! =-.

  12. MiMi says:

    Truly wonderful that y’all clicked so well. Not surprising; to hear you on radio, you’d think y’all live next door to each other. 🙂 So happy y’all had a great time!!

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