Retired Recently – Now What?

Retired job is to collect flamingos

Retired Job is to Collect Flamingos

Has life seemed to change for you since you turned 60? or older? I did not retire from work until I was over 70, and oh, then, did it ever change for me! For the good and not so good!

I was sad in a way, for I loved my work, the people I worked with for over twenty years and the purpose of our work in a local hospital.  After I retired, I returned home, very secure in the feeling that I had truly made a difference in at least one person’s day, and hopefully many more. But I knew it was time for change – for the department and for me. I just knew.

Fun things happened. My children gave me a cruise for retirement – a dream come true and on my bucket list! A fabulous experience. I began writing – a love and hobby for almost a lifetime! And I began the process of decluttering my home which is a mammoth undertaking for I am a keeper! I go to lunch with friends, am active in a University program for seniors – with educational and social events, and make my own schedule each day.

Yet, some days, I feel I am just treading water. Working hard and getting nowhere except more retired! So, if you are sharing some of my feelings, let me clue you in on what I am now doing to get motivated, organized, enjoy, and enjoy and enjoy my retired years! After a year of floundering, I used my 2014 New Year’s Resolutions as a new beginning! Rather than just list a dozen or so objectives, I listed categories. Under each category, I put four items that need my attention and efforts. Here we are, months into 2014, and I am reviewing and restructuring my days to incorporate specific items.

My Retired Strategy

The overall heading of my “Thoughts and Goals for 2014” is Health and here are the categories:

  • Mental — includes classes and positive thinking
  • Physical – includes more exercise and healthier eating habits
  • Emotional – includes pleasant trips and decluttering
  • Spiritual – includes good deed and seeking something wonderful each day
  • Social – includes instigating or enjoying outings with friends and family
  • Financial – includes home maintenance projects and budgeting efforts
  • Environmental – includes more nature time and better recycling

Plus an overall personal goal – see below:

Be happy.  Love family. Enjoy friends. Stretch, grow, learn. Sparkle and shine. Be thoughtful.  Absorb nature. Give and share. Be grateful.

And where are you today? Are you enjoying being retired in your senior years?

Betty T. DeLorme

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South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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