House Cleaning Tips for Seniors – Part 2

From Part 1, you have now probably chosen the method of house cleaning that will work best for you, either by the room or by the task. You, and only you, are also aware of your energy level, your work speed, and the current state of your home. With those in mind, the tips will hopefully be helpful in either case.

SAFETY: Again, the issue of personal safety is critical! A clean light fixture or replaced bulb is not worth the risk of a fall and broken arm or hip if you should miss a step on the ladder. And the same awareness is important when getting down on the floor to clean lower cabinets and such. Can we get up without risk? Without assistance? As much as we hate it, there are some things we must rely on family members, friends, or hired assistance to do for us! Please do not take chances with your personal safety and well being.

SUPPLIES: We all probably have favorite products, brands, smells, we like to use when cleaning. Check your stock of glass/window cleaner, furniture polish, other household cleaners for painted wood, floors, carpet, and such then replenish before “start date.” As you assemble, you may wish to include a roll of paper towels, a small container/spray bottle of water, cleaning and drying cloths, and even an old toothbrush for scrubbing details. I use a plastic, handled carrier made especially for gathering such things. It may not hold them all, but it becomes the center part of cleaning endeavors with supplies together. The items listed above are the general ones for such rooms as living, dining, bedrooms. There are different supplies needed for kitchen and bathroom cleaning, so a separate collection will be needed for the days you chose to clean those rooms.

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You may also want to study the newest cleaning products, for there are now so many “instant helpers” available. Some may well be worth trying! Premoisened cleaners make jobs easier and faster. With cleaning solutions, however, patience is wisdom! We need to allow a bit of time for the product to “do its job.” Reading product labels is critical for such information as well as the intent of the product, dangers, warnings, etc. Again, think about your personal safety! And let’s not forget some of the basics such as vinegar for cleaning usage! Check your local library or online for helpful hints for this and other less expensive and effective cleaning products.

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GENERAL EQUIPMENT: A good vacuum cleaner is wonderful! So are good mops and brooms and dustpans! I find handling a heavy vacuum cleaner sometimes difficult, so I purchased a lightweight, cordless one with a detachable “dustbuster.” The main secret with any of them is to always be sure the bag or container which hold the dust and dirt is not too full! Check your supply of replacement bags to have on hand! Change the bag when it reaches the Full line or empty the provided container. Don’t waste energy when the equipment is not working to the maximum potential.

DON’T FORGET THE SMALL STUFF: A soiled light switch cover, a cloudy mirror, toothpaste splatters on the bathroom faucet, a moldy shower curtain, grungy rings around the eyes on the stove, a dirty trash can, crooked pictures on the wall, simple splatters on the refrigerator, dust on the treasured knick knacks are just a few of the small signs of an untidy house.

PRETEND YOU ARE A VISITOR, AND A CRITICAL ONE: Enter each room and seriously view the details of cleanliness and order. We are so accustomed to it, we normally just overlook the need for a good house cleaning! Take a look around, quite seriously to determine your plan of action!

Be safe, be thorough, be successful with your Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Love the pillow. I need one of those

  2. Susan says:

    I like the cleaning set with the extension pole. I have something similar that I can extend to clean corners and around crown molding and the dusting part adjusts so that I can even put it at an angle to clean ceiling fan blades. (Amazing how much dust those things collect!) Good advice, as always!

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