Do You Have a Headache?

Or perhaps another little ache or pain that is just enough to be annoying but not bad enough for a visit with the doctor? Do you go to your regular medical stash and seek something to take the edge of so you can move forward with a wonderful day? Do you pick up a bottle of Advil, Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen, or the store brand of any of these?

Warning, warning, warning! That is what I did. In fact, I did it for three mornings in a row because of a sinus headache. Yet, for those three days, I slept and slept! “I must really be sick or fighting a bug.” I thought.

Finally, I looked carefully at the across the counter medication bottle I had just recently purchased for headaches and what I was taking each morning. I shopped carefully – reading labels, comparing ingredients and costs and put a bottle in the grocery basket. For the past three mornings, I had been taking the PM version of the medication! That is why I had slept so well for three days in addition to my usual good nights.

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I urge you to be extra careful when purchasing and when taking any medications, or you may find yourself doing what I did. I was sleeping day and night, yet not really getting rid of that annoying headache.

Betty DeLorme

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  1. Nancy says:

    That is one way to get caught up on your sleep. Maybe lack of sleep was causing your headache. lol

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