Groceries on a Senior Citizen Budget

>A younger friend of mine got into couponing a few months ago. She is a young mom, with 4 children at home, and works full time at home as a medical transcriptionist. She called one day all excited. “Guess what? I just checked out of the grocery store for less than a dollar — and I got $70 worth of food.”

Naturally I was curious. I pummeled her with questions. She had been studying a website called Southern Savers. Southern Savers is a grocery coupon and sale site for those of us in the southeastern USA. Each week, the most popular grocery store and drug store chains are listed with their best buys and links to coupon sites for printing. It is truly amazing. I went on one trip with my friend, Tammy, just to watch what she was doing. She was following exactly the recommendations on Southern Savers. And she is not only feeding her family, but she is taking food to the local food bank each week, too.

Now the week of the very special “less than a dollar” shopping is not a normal weekly occurence but she is feeding her family of six for very little each week. Oh, did I tell you she has a 16 year old, a 12 year old, an 8 year old and a 6 year old? All four children are very active and busy and they do love to snack, and there is always plenty there to eat!

This is certainly one way that we seniors can make some money. A penny saved is still a penny earned, right? I have to admit that I am not nearly as successful as Tammy has been, but I certainly can see a difference in our grocery bill, and if I spent more time on it, I know I could save even more. And couponing is a fun and addictive hobby too!

So get on board and tell us how you do. and if you belong to a couponing group, please tell us about it in the comment section below.

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  1. bevspaper says:

    Now this is a tip that every Senior and Baby Boomer can benefit from. Used to do couponing really well when the kids were little. Now, I need to get back into it with static income and rising bills.
    .-= bevspaper´s last blog ..The Teachings of Skunk =-.

  2. Joan Adams says:

    Thank you, Holley! I hope you will pass along any great tips! I am getting better at buying in bulk when things are on sale and I have coupon. Especially cleaning products and paper products. I am having fun experimenting with it and trying to do a little better each week!

  3. Joan Adams says:

    Thank you and Me too Bev – had gotten out of the habit of shopping the sales at the grocery. With just two of us, I just got in the habit of rushing in and out of the store, half paying attention. And that’s the worst way to shop. Couponing does require me to be more careful.

  4. Joan Adams says:

    Wonderful, Holley! I do have questions – especially about dealing with all the mess of the coupons. I am drowning in coupon clutter!

  5. Holley says:

    Ahhh, one of my favorite discussions! I’m a stockpiler and shopping for many of my items is as easy as going to my hall closet. I used to be a moderator on a VERY large couponing site until I got hooked on Squidoo and had less time. Most of the items I stockpile are freebies 🙂

    Awesome post, Joan!

  6. Holley says:

    We can have this discussion if you like! I would LOVE to help! At first it takes some organization, but after that you are home free, so to speak 🙂
    .-= Holley´s last blog ..I’d Almost Welcome Zombies =-.

  7. Joan Adams says:

    Thank you, SP — On Tammy’s big super success day, she had a triple couple day at the store. that’s when you can really do well with this thing. I don’t buy cosmetics much anymore, but I do like to stockpile groceries and paper products — especially things we use all the time!

  8. Joan Adams says:

    lol Kate!! I really cannot imagine me doing that — you and 2020 and Joan Hall still have lots of teaching to do! lol

  9. S.P. Bragg says:

    I used to be a “stockpiler” until it came time to move and then realized that I probably had more cosmetics than our local Sephora… so now I only check for coupons that I need… and not for fluff either. I really didn’t need all of those lipsticks just because I found a coupon. You can indeed get carried away lol. But I do like the idea of having a special closet designated for those goodies. Really good idea!

    And I LOVE the idea of spending a buck and getting $70 worth of groceries though! That is impressive!
    .-= S.P. Bragg´s last blog ..In Love With Peanut Butter… =-.

  10. mukunda22 says:

    Don’t forget about foraging out in your yard for edible weeds!! That cuts down on the food bill, too!! lol!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Grand Central Vortex =-.

  11. A couple of moves ago I used to have time and interest in coupons. One day a week a local grocery store doubled the value of all redeemed coupons. Combining that day with sale items meant often things were free or next to free. I am not very good with coupons anymore but last week I did remember to take to coupons to the store for free juice. It was delicious and the coupons worked, we are now hooked.
    .-= Music and Movie Treasures By Brenda´s last blog ..Finian’s Rainbow Movie Review =-.

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  13. Chanel says:

    I was into coupons many years ago, I am just getting back into couponing, and I have to say to the major stockpilers, you don’t need hundreds of one item, u need 6 of each, if the item comes up on sale onece every six weeks. Charity is where those hundreds of items could get there best use. It bothers me when I need 4 items, and someone has just cleaned off the shelf of like 100 items. People who are elderly may not have the means to go to 6 stores. Watching the show on TLC Extreme Couponing, with folks having stockpiles worth in excess of $75,000 dollars made me sick. I live on $1000.00 a month and I have 6 cats , I need to feed myself on under $75.00 a month. So I doubt I’ll be getting too much free but I will try. Chanel~

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