Grandparents To Twins via Long Distance

Nancy and the twins
It is such an amazing experience to see your children with their children. We love being grandparents. In fact, I have often said that I think that is exactly what I was meant to be in life.
Our first grandchild was born 15 years ago. Our daughter had a difficult pregnancy and our grandson was born with a medical problem so she really needed our support and help. Of course, we were more than happy to do whatever she needed us to do. When she went back to work, I took care of him and enjoyed every minute of it. Since they live in the same town that we do, we saw him just about every day and still do. He has been a joy, for sure!
Nancy and the grands
We were so thrilled when our son and daughter-in-law announced that they were expecting and we were twice as happy when they told us they were expecting twins – a boy and a girl. They don’t live near us so I immediately began to try to figure out how to be a good Long Distance Grandparent as well as grandparents to twins. The babies were over a month old by the time we got to see them the first time. Unfortunately, it will be several more months before we will get to see them again in person.
I find myself wondering what the babies are doing at this very moment, how did they sleep the night before, and what are their plans today. Due to the many advances in technology, I am able to get quick answers to my many daily questions.

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Pictures and Videos
– We love to receive pictures and videos either through text messages or email. It is always the highlight of our day. Once the pictures or videos arrive, I immediately find my husband so we can enjoy them together. We usually have to watch the videos over and over again and of course view the latest pictures and proudly share them with our friends. Pictures and videos are an absolute essential for those of us who are long distance grandparents to twins.

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Face Time – At least once a week our son will call and as he is talking he will move the phone around to capture each child. We can see them and hear them and love it. I am so glad that we were able to make the visit to their home because now I know exactly where they are and I can imagine being right there with them.

Facebook – Occasionally, they post pictures on Facebook and tag me. I also post pictures of the precious babies (with permission, of course) and love reading all the great comments from friends about how cute they are and how much they have grown.
nancy twins

Blogging – Our smart daughter-in-law has created her first blog and I am really enjoying reading it and seeing pictures she post. It is called “thetwinexperience “ and she also created a Facebook Fan Page so she can keep us updated when she makes a new post. Click here to read her new blog: The Twin Experience
Our son and daughter-in-law make a great parenting team and we feel very blessed. We wish we could see the twins everyday but thankful that technology makes Long Distance Grandparenting a little easier.

Note: Thank you to my sister, Nancy Hellams, for writing this super post about her beautiful new grandchildren!

Update:  2018 – The twins are busy toddlers these days and grandparenting via phone is even more fun as they chat with Nancy and Jim!

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4 Responses to Grandparents To Twins via Long Distance

  1. Betty Tate DeLorme says:

    Love this post! Your newest grands are so precious, Nancy.

  2. Thank you, Joan, for asking me to create a guest post for your wonderful blog. I do enjoy this blog.

  3. Susan says:

    So exciting! It sounds like you’ve figured out some excellent ways to “do” long-distance grandparenting. Those babies are so precious!

  4. Evelyn Saenz says:

    Beautiful, adorable, and yet so far away. I wonder what it will be like to be a grandparent and I fear that it will be long distance like you. Happy Grandparenting!

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