Good Gifts for Senior Citizens

As seniors, we purchase gift items for our senior family members and friends! We also are asked for ideas about good gifts for senior citizens. What do seniors want and/or need? Here are a few of my choices to give and receive:

Desk Supplies – Oh, nothing makes me happier than a new box of pretty note cards! If I don’t have the appropriately worded card, I can write my own for a friend who is ill, celebrating an event, or just in my thoughts. Another most helpful idea is a box of assorted cards for birthdays, sympathy, and get well. Even boxes of legal and letter envelopes come in handy for everyone. An extra plus would be a book or two of stamps! Select unusual ones to brighten the sender’s envelopes. Investigate the various pen options. Sometimes large ones are easier for a senior’s hands. Various point sizes, ink types and colors add interest to the choices. Several different ones would be a fun package! Attractive or personalized list pads are always useful. Don’t we all make a list for the grocery, for errands, or for daily chores?

 Flower Note Cards Floral Fine Art Watercolor Notecards (Set of 8) Blank Greeting Cards Assorted All Occasion Greeting Cards 30 Pack Senior Fountain Pen Hero 88 Red Jubilant with Golden Chinese ‘Fu’ (Blesing) Iridium Nib


Food Items – What fun to receive something special for our plates! Do keep in mind whether your fellow senior follows a special diet – diabetic, gluten free, etc. Think about such goodies as unique preserves, cookies, snack items, or candies. Assorted fruit is always a treat. And wow, if immediate refrigeration is available, how about a homemade or purchased casserole, unusual cheeses, and even a nice steak or two for the freezer? Specialty canned items for the pantry are fun surprises. Remember that often seniors are alone or only preparing for two, so smaller quantities, casserole sizes, and such are most important to avoid waste and add pleasure.

 Omaha Steaks The Complete Treat Omaha Steaks 8 (5.75 oz.) Stuffed Baked Potatoes MaryJanesFarm Cheesy Noodle Casserole With Sugar Snap Peas, 4.3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)

Gift Cards or Cash – When at a total loss about what to give, a gift card or cash is the answer. From variety stores, grocery stores, gas companies, and restaurants, the list of gift cards is endless! I recently retired, and one of my favorite gifts was a gift card to a local bookstore. Hurray, I can choose exactly what I want and when I want it! For those who are computer skilled, there, too, are a number of choices of gift cards. Cash is always a good option as well. I recently gave a fellow senior an unusual coin purse with a note that simply said “Something Green for your Purse” on the card. Inside the small pouch, I had tucked a bill, the green for her to spend whenever/wherever she wanted. Perhaps the senior man needs a new wallet, and you could do the same with an added bill or gift card. Gift Card – $25 (Birthday Balloons design) Kohl’s Gift Card JCPenney Gift Card Collection The Home Depot Traditional Gift Card Starbucks Card

These are my favorite good gifts for senior citizens. I hope you have gotten an idea or two from the assortment. An especially pretty gift bag or brightly wrapped package adds even more fun, as will a note if there is a “story” about the gift or why you chose the particular item. What do you like to give and receive? Watch for Part 2 coming soon!

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