Goals with Pictures

The easiest and most effective way to keep track of your goals is with pictures. You can draw your own or cut from magazines. Use words, numbers, pictures to represent your goal.

I have used 3 ring binders for this with success. You can use regular computer paper or poster board cut to fit. Punch 3 holes in it, like you used to do in school. Then fill your pages with your goals for the next year. The more you look at your goals, the more likely you are to complete them. Try to look at them daily for a few weeks. When you get tired of looking at them, just put them away. You will be amazed at how often those pictures come to mind and keep you on track.

You can also use a big poster board and create a giant circle. Make your goals the pie slices – and again use pictures and bright colors. You can hang this on your refrigerator or your closet door. Hang it anywhere that you will see it often.

Enjoy your goals. We are definitely not too old for goals and dreams! Reach for the stars!

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