Goal Setting for Senior Citizens – Do you have a bucket list?

We talked a few days ago about my dear friend, Peggy Reel. Peggy was an inspiration! During the last few weeks of her life here on earth, she received an award from the Country Music Songwriters group. She insisted on going to Nashville that week, despite the doctor’s advice – and she did not even know about the award – that was a big surprise for her. She simply wanted to attend the symposium and enjoy her friends in Nashville! Typical of Miss Peggy.

As well as I remember, Peggy joined that songwriters group over 20 years ago – that means she got serious about her song writing career when she was in her 60’s.

I well remember another friend in her 70’s who decided to take piano lessons. I just loved that idea! And indeed, why not?

What are you going to accomplish in your years after 60? Do you have a dream? Have you made a bucket list of all the things you want to do before you die? Our time here is not unlimited – and if there was ever a time in life to get busy making our dreams come true, this is it!

Just for today, let’s write down 10 things we want to do/accomplish/see/become. What have you not yet done? What will you regret if you do not do it now?

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