Gift Ideas Senior Citizens Appreciate 2015

The best gift ideas senior citizens will appreciate are those that consider personal tastes, activity level, and of course, interests. Sixty is indeed the new 40, and seniors of all ages are more active than ever before.  Whether you are searching for a gift for a young senior or a beloved elderly friend, we have found some really great gift ideas.

Electronics for Senior Citizens

Amazon EchoThe most fun and useful gift in our house right now is our Amazon Echo. The Echo is about the size of a box of Pringles, plugs into the wall, and will tell us the weather, play our favorite music, give us news briefings, work as a timer or alarm, and even answer silly questions and tell jokes if we ask. This delightful electronic gift does require wireless internet in the home, but it is so simple to operate. Users simply ask the Echo what they want to know. You can use the name Amazon or Alexa. We chose Alexa. All day long you can hear one of us asking Alexa a question:  “Alexa, what time is it?” “Alexa, play some Platters music.” “Alexa, who’s singing that song?” “Alexa, what’s the weather report?” “Alexa, read my news briefing.” “Alexa, what’s the capital of Montana?”

The Amazon Echo is really a great gift for teens, adults and seniors. The most techy friends will even have Alexa turning lights off and on in the house.

Gifts Disabled Adults Will Appreciate

Of course, the Echo is a good choice for a senior who has difficulty with the tiny buttons and complex instructions of today’s electronics.  But there many other gifts disabled adults will find helpful.  Consider large print or talking items for seniors with low vision.   There are very useful products and silly ones, too.  My legally blind husband enjoys his talking weight scales as well as all the silly talking toys that line the hearth.  The singing catepillar would be a happy gift for someone in a nursing home.

Dean Martin Singing, Dancing, Animated Figure–A Senior FavoriteElectronic Rosary Digital Voice Talking (E-Rosary)Sings “When You’re Smiling” ANIMATED Gordon the CaterpillarTaylor Talking Digital Bath Scale announces your weight


Useful Gifts for Senior Citizens

Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool – Picker UpperOne of my favorite products is the reacher grabber. I use the grabber for picking up things on the floor, or reaching things on a top shelf. I feel sure I use this product at least once a day. One day I even used it to pick up a pill I had dropped on the floor. I was amazed that I could do that.
This handy tool is convenient for anyone to have around the house, but especially seniors who don’t bend and stretch as easily as we used to. I am a reasonably active senior citizen and I cannot imagine my life without my handy grabber.


Gift Ideas for Senior Parents

Choosing a gift for your senior parents is quite simple really.  You know them better than anyone else.   If they are living on a tight budget, pay the cable bill for a year, or the local newspaper subscription.   Parents treasure time with their children most of all.  Give them coupons for dinners with you throughout the year, or take them to lunch once a week.  Your undivided attention and listening ears will be a treasure.

Food gifts are always appreciated.  Casseroles for two for the freezer are delightful.  Or if you live a far distance, Amazon will ship your food gifts for you.

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