Get a Job! – Even if You Are Over 60

Yes, you can continue to earn money after retirement. There is no reason to stop earning money just because of your age.

You just need to think about it a little differently. Quite frankly, few of us want to work for someone else when we are past retirement age. Self-employment is fun. I am the best boss I have ever had!

How? Start with a list of 100 of your skills – and yes, you can do 100 things easily. For example, you can bake a cake, drive a car, type, sew, make scrapbooks, take pictures, play with babies, entertain children. Are you a super organizer or party planner? Are you artistic? Be honest with yourself and give yourself credit for everything you know how to do. Every person’s list will be different. Do try very seriously to list 100 things. The last things you list will likely be the most important.

Once you decide what to do, you need to decide how to market your skill. How will you let people know that you are available for party planning or baby sitting or scrapbooking? Give your business a name. Make it creative and fun. For example, in my internet business I am known as Granny Geek. As Granny Geek, I help local businesses get found on line.

For today, make that list of 100. You have more talents than you even realize. Don’t stop at 50 — keep going. 100 things you know how to do. Don’t analyze. Don’t think about it. Just make that list! We will continue talk about the next steps this week, so stay tuned.

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South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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