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Imagine what it would be like if you could make an extra $30 or $40 a week without a part time job. People who are into couponing or using free printable grocery coupons and coupons from the newspaper are saving that much every week, week after week. And we all know that a penny saved is a penny earned, right? A senior citizen living on a fixed budget could consider couponing a part time job, I think!

After my last post about couponing, I spent some time talking with my good friend, Holley is very experienced with couponing and has agreed to an interview with me via this blog. We can all learn from Holley — and make some extra money while we buy our groceries.

Holley, when did you start couponing and why?

I began couponing in January of 2007, I believe. I have always looked at the bottom line where money is concerned. As a divorced parent, I had to find a way to make ends meet. My son was in after school care and it is very expensive here. I was driving 100 miles round trip to work at the time, which meant nearly 3 hrs a day in my car. I was responsible for all the bills that had been left behind as well as receiving no help with supporting our child for more than 10 years. The bills don’t go away just because the income has been diminished.

What is your favorite couponing site?

I actually have 2 favorites. is Stephanie Nelson and Melissa Garcia is the I was the Kroger forum moderator for about a year at

Wow! You really are an expert, for sure! I am so happy you agreed to do this interview. What is your most successful shopping spree with coupons?

My most successful shopping trip was from Kroger where I spent $40 on $180 worth of groceries. I saved that receipt for over a year.

That is truly amazing — and yet, I know it is possible. Between you and my friend, Tammy, I am convinced. Thank you, Holley! We will continue this discussion tomorrow. I am excited!

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6 Responses to Free Coupons for Groceries

  1. Holley says:

    Joan, this was an excellent introductory to couponing. I think as you go along you will find it to get a lot more organized and a lot more fun!
    .-= Holley´s last blog ..I’d Almost Welcome Zombies =-.

  2. Joan Adams says:

    I am learning, Ohme, but I am definitely doing better than I ever have! It’s pretty amazing!

  3. Joan Adams says:

    Oh Holley! Thank you! I am learning so much from you! and yes, I will get more organized!

  4. Joan Adams says:

    Carol, that’s my favorite kind of bargain. and my Bi-Lo doubles coupons. So when I find a BOGO, buy just one (so I get it at half price) and then add a doubled coupon, I really grab some savings!

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