Simple Fashion Tips for Women Over 60

fashion tips for women over 60These fashion tips for women over 60 will help you take the next steps to a more fashionable you. Your closet should be filled with fabulous fashion for women over 60.  But is it?  Suddenly you look in your closet and realize that everything in front of you looks old, outdated, or out of style for the event you are going to attend soon!

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You may have retired, and few of the clothes you wore for work are right for your more casual, relaxed daily lifestyle. You may have gained a pound or two or lost a few, but the wrong size clothes are still hanging there, taking up space, and no longer worn. It is definitely time to realistically review your wardrobe!

Fashion Tips for Women Over 60 – Number One

First- piece by piece- sort, and eliminate the items that you do not like, fit, or even want any more. Pass these on through donations for they may be just what someone else needs. I have found this first step to be the most difficult! Some clothing has memories attached while others I just like and am not ready to discard. And yes, I hold fast to those, though move them to a different location.

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Fashion Tips for Women Over 60 – Number Two

Next determine the color palette you will use to mix and match.  Remember, senior women look better with a bit of bright color.  Choose black and white if you wish, but add accessories that are happy and light.  Maximize your wardrobe and your budget. Then, make a list of the gaps needed to fill which will put your wardrobe in perfect shape for everyday, special events, travel, and a happy, confident, and comfortable you!

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Fashion Tips For Women Over 60 – Number Three

Review the lastest trends in styles of clothing, accessories and shoes, imagining yourself in various items. As hard as it is to admit, fashion for women over 60 is just not the same as that for a 30 year old.

We must be realistic. Skirts that are too short, tops with extremely deep cut necklines, pants that are too tight, or bathing suits that are too skimpy just do not look good on our older bodies. The key will be to update through color and flattering pieces to blend with your present remaining garments.  Enjoy your new style.

I do hope these simple fashion tips for women over 60 have been of help to you.

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