Falls and Injuries Among the Elderly – Searching For Potential Dangers Around the House

Are you afraid of falling in your home? Take a walk around your house just like you did before your child started crawling. Remember that? Grab a notebook or a clipboard and become the inspector. Walk from room to room and take note of things that might cause your or your loved one to fall.

In the living room, look especially at small rugs and clutter. Remove any unnecessary knick-knacks. Keep the ones that mean the most to you and give away or pack up the rest. You want to be able to enjoy those special treasures. Small mats on the floor can be dangerous indeed. Best to have carpet or hardwood floors and no scatter rugs.

In the kitchen, again clutter is number one. Keep only the items you use the most. If possible, rearrange your kitchen cabinets so those hard-to-reach top shelves are totally empty. Purchase some easy-to-use small appliances and kitchen tools that are designed for seniors. Make your kitchen senior-friendly — for you!

In the bedroom, clean out the closets and get rid of clutter. The top shelf of your closet should be empty. Remove the temptation to climb a ladder. Seniors and ladders do not mix well. Check the length of your bedspread. Does it drag the floor? Does your bedspread present a tripping risk? No matter how pretty it is, it is not worth a fall.

In the bathroom, be sure to install bathtub grips or rails. If you do not need them now, that’s wonderful. But it is best to have safety bars and not need them, than to need them and not have them. Be prepared.

Review a variety of bathroom safety bars at http://www.squidoo.com/bathroom-safety-bars. Be safe, not sorry!

Joan Adams

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