Exercise Tips for Senior Citizens

Senior Adults, Let’s Move! Not necessarily from our living quarters, but I am referring to moving our bodies! I never have been an athletic person and am not comfortable in organized exercise classes. I have, however, discovered some great secrets that I will share with you about sneaking in a bit of exercise and feeling better because of it. These simple exercise tips for senior citizens will make you feel better almost immediately. It just takes a little effort to make a big difference in how you feel.

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With deepest appreciation to my only son, I am moving my body! His degree is in Recreation and Leisure Studies and he has a number of years of experience as Program Director of a large Senior Center. His knowledge and sharing ideas with me has been most valuable.
For a while after retirement, I joined a walking group once a week and enjoyed that. Then I got out of the habit. “Just walk around the house, Mom.” he advised. I reduced my walk time to fifteen minutes a day and am trying to increase slowly to thirty minutes. In the house walking provides a flat surface and I do not have to dress and go somewhere to walk. Often times, I ease in “chores” along the way like taking laundry to the washer or returning an item to its proper place. Going from one room to the next makes me aware of things I need to do, repair, or replace. Sometimes, too, I “walk in place” when waiting for the microwave to finish or such. And when the weather is nice, I do love to walk outside. Sometimes around the block, sometimes to the corner, or maybe around the outside of the house. And I try to do steps, but hold the railing. Maybe just a few, or one flight, but some.

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There are simple exercises we can do at the computer or while watching television, but by all means, we should get up and move often. Even when we wake up each morning, a great stretch before getting out of bed is a wonderful way to begin the day! Watch an animal waking up…they stretch! Try it. Sounds funny and will be funnier when you do it, but what a great way to get the body moving.
You may find it interesting and motivating to make two small purchases: a pedometer and a little notebook. Wear the pedometer every day to see how much you are walking and record the total each day. Remember, 2000 steps is a walking mile. While Google resources vary some with the recommended steps per day for seniors, I am using the magic number of 8,000 steps a day as my goal. You may record exercise time each day, starting with 15 minutes and increasing.
There is no doubt we will feel better, look better, and have more energy if we exercise. Let’s do it, fellow seniors! Let’s Move!

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