Exercises for Seniors – Personal Thoughts and Ideas

Simple Circles

I laughed when I typed the title of this blog entry! It is really a confession as well; I seem to spend more time thinking and reading about exercises for seniors than I spend actually exercising! Do you? Or maybe you are really on track and most dedicated to the great health benefits of exercise. Hurray for you! In my own defense, however, I will also share that I am trying! Some of us are just slow learners.

Are you naturally athletic? Do you enjoy the competition – with others or against the clock? Is “winning the race” your ultimate goal? Honestly, I did not enjoy any athletic participation in my youth, whether encouraged or required! Often I have said that the extent of my athletic abilities does not go past a ping pong table, and that is about the truth! I was never good at softball, tennis, basketball, or even a basic gym class. The best I could be was a cheerleader for those who excelled or at least participated with enthusiasm in various games. And that is what I did! Cheer! Even that, however, was relatively easy years ago, and did not include the skilled gymnastics additions of today!

Finally, I have discovered several grand “motivators” to push me into some very basic forms of exercise. I am sharing these with you in hopes of encouraging you to “Get Up and Move” as well as to encourage myself so I won’t be embarrassed by this open admission of neglect or my lack of determination.

Exercise Videos for Seniors

 The Core Program: Fifteen Minutes a Day That Can Change Your Life Stronger Seniors® Chair Exercise Program- 2 disc Chair Exercise Program- Stretching, Aerobics, Strength Training, and Balance. Improve flexibility, muscle and bone strength, circulation, heart health, and stability. Developed by Anne Pringle Burnell Scott Cole: Discover Tai Chi For Balance and Mobility – Exercise for Seniors & Older Adults

I recently retired from a health care facility where we were offered monetary benefits for participation in a Better Health Program which included/required exercise. Ah, money is a good motivator! Then, about a year ago after a fall, physical therapy (including a home exercise plan), forced me to exercise for better mobility, pain reduction and additional fall risk prevention. These are good motivators! Third, with those two experiences, I realized, honestly, that I feel better, act better, look better, think better when exercise is included in my schedule. These are my main motivators! So, here are some “encouraging words” and suggestions to get you started – or keep you going!

Discuss exercise with your physician.
Explore community opportunities, facilities.
Set a schedule
Begin slowly.
Increase comfortably.
Follow through.
Forgive yourself when you miss.
Reward yourself when you succeed.
Walk, walk, walk!
Add any other programs of your choice.

Now, what are you going to do? Don’t just sit there! Let’s move! Let’s strengthen muscles and prevent falls. Let’s stand up straight and tall. Let’s be energized and enthusiastic about our exercise, diet, good physical and mental health, and oh, ever so proud of ourselves for accomplishing our goal.

Betty DeLorme

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South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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11 Responses to Exercises for Seniors – Personal Thoughts and Ideas

  1. Lori Hammer says:

    Enjoyed the ideas!

    Something that has been motivating for us this year is some younger friends invoting us to join them in a 5K marathon. Our first! My husband is 75 and had major surgery in Nov. We began walking 2 months before the event, and averaged 21min. per mile that day. We plan to continue walking and enter 2more events this year.

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Wow, Lori! That is impressive! And especially so for you and Mike together! Fab! Your “mile time” is better than mine! But hurray, we are walking!! Loved hearing about this! b.

  2. Betty DeLorme says:

    Oh, Mitchey! How dear of you to be exercizing with your Mom! As Joan and I say, anything counts, and yes, every effort makes a difference! b.

  3. Aysha says:

    I always love finding seniors who care enough to include some form of exercise into their routine in an effort to stay healthier… It is a relief and certainly better than watching them suffer the wrath of illnesses…

    • Betty says:

      Oh, I agree, Aysha, and I am inspired by so many seniors who make a real effort to plan and stick with a good exercise program. Each person must determine the type that works best for them. Thank you for sharing positive thoughts!

  4. Carlton Mullinax says:

    Yes, I walk and the dawgs love it! They are my daily physical trainers! Swimming is my favorite tho’, easy on the joints, and I just pretend I’m on some Caribbean isle trying to swim to the Tiki out on the point!! You never know what or who you’ll find at those little grass island shacks!!

    • Betty says:

      Carlton, I can just see you out walking your dogs in your neighborhood! But that is definitely a good exercise plan, even tho the dogs probably are “walking you” rather than the other way ’round! I admire your swimming dedication! Great goal even if only in your imagination! Thank you for encouraging hints!

  5. Carlton Mullinax says:

    Yes, I walk and the dawgs love it! They are my daily physical trainers! Swimming is my favorite tho’, easy on the joints, and I just pretend I’m on some Caribbean isle trying to swim to the Tiki out on the point!! You never know what or who you’ll find at those little grass island shacks!!

  6. Frances says:

    Great ideas! Don’t forget strength training – especially core exercises because they help with balance. Yoga is good for the core and is easy on the joints plus it can be done at whatever level you happen to be.

  7. J R Buffalo, RN says:

    great article Betty! the importance of moving can not be stressed too much. walking is a great activity as it is free, readily available and offers a wealth of benefits. everyone on this site is invited to join me & Betty and others at the MSB/3rd floor on the ARMC campus on Wednesdays at 12:30 this track offers a safe, climate controlled palce for walkers of all ages and abilites.walkiing at your own pace, being with other walkers, and having your BP checked can contribute to improving your health. thaks again Bety, JRB

    • Betty says:

      Julie, your Community Education Program for the Wednesday Walkers is just perfect for so many of us! Much credit is due to you – for you put us so at ease! We feel welcomed and work at our own pace; you are there to lead and guide as needed. I have found the blood pressure checks important, too, and a helpful record for personal information as well as one we can take with us for regular visits to our physician. Special thanks to Athens(GA)Regional Medical Center for offering this opportunity to our community! The flat carpeted area is safe, especially for those who may have “unsure moments” on their feet. Regardless of the weather, we are able to exercise comfortably. This service to community should serve as a model for other hospitals or facilities to encourage better health for citizens. Please extend our appreciation!

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