Easy and Fun Christmas Decorations – Especially for Seniors

easy and fun Christmas decorationsEasy and fun Christmas decorations are not a new idea. Senior women have been looking for ways to decorate simply since the day they turned 60.  And this has been happening for generations.  We want to participate in the holidays, but our energy level just is not what it used to be.  And the grandchildren are coming!

Pop a Red Christmas Wreath on the Front Door — and The Back Door, Too!

Christmas wreaths are easy to hang and a beautiful way to welcome guests into our homes over the holidays.  In fact, many of us enjoy wreaths all through the year.  This year, keep it simple.  Buy a happy red Christmas wreath for the front door and the back door – hang them – Done!  Doors are decorated.  You probably still have a nail in the center of the door from last year — admit it!  Use it.

Christmas Lights with Remote Control – No More Bending!

My friend is recovering from hip surgery. She has delightfully discovered remote control Christmas lights. Yes, we can still enjoy a beautiful tree even if we cannot bend and crawl along the floor to plug and unplug the lights. Isn’t it amazing how much technology can help us seniors? Keep your tree decorations simple, too. You really do not have to drag out every box you have collected over a lifetime.

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Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night – The Easy Way

When we use easy and fun Christmas decorations, we are less stressed, and really, who cares? The grandchildren want to be sure there are gifts under the tree for them – and the adults are just making sure the old folks are still celebrating the holidays. If you have traditional Christmas decorations or tree ornaments that you think your adult kids will miss, then by all means use those. But if not, make it easy on yourself and keep it simple. You will have more fun that way.

Your tree is up and decorated.  There are red Christmas wreaths on the doors.  Put out a few special Christmas table decorations and start cooking. Wear your
Christmas apron as part of your own celebration.  Cook and freeze ahead of time.  Enjoy your wrapping while watching a great Christmas movie.  Enjoy your easy and fun Christmas decorations.  Merry Christmas!

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