Decluttering for Senior Citizens – It’s More Than Junk

Decluttering for senior citizens is a challenge and becomes a more full time job as we age.   We begin to declutter the house, simplifying our lifestyles.  Our children begin to receive all their stuff back, right?  And we begin to pass along to them all the family treasures we have accumulated over the years.  But is that all we need to do?

Decluttering for Senior Citizens- A Story

But decluttering the house is not our biggest decluttering job for senior citizens.  My friend, Frances was in her 90’s when she taught me about decluttering my “inner stuff”.  Frances and I were having one of our wonderful deep discussions when she said to me, “Look at my hands!”   Of course, I examined her hands, looking for a problem.

Her hands were old and wrinkled and gnarly from arthritis.  I said, “Well, do your hands hurt or what?”   She said, “I just realized today that my hands are beautiful!  Over the years they have served me well as I played the piano for weddings and funerals, prepared food for friends, family and church members, shopped, drove the car and did all of the things my life required.  But I always thought my hands were ugly.”

I said, “Frances, why did you think your hands were ugly?”

And she replied with the wisdom of the elderly, “When I was in the second grade, a girl refused to hold my hands for a game we were playing and announced to the class that I had ugly hands.  I believed that little girl through all these years until today.”

For over 80 years she had believed that her hands were ugly – my beautiful precious friend had held on to a false belief — something a little child said – for most of her lifetime.

Just for today, search for those beliefs in your life that are simply not true — things people have told you about yourself – and let them go.   Begin to declutter false beliefs and even silly childhood rules that you cling to — some of them are way out of date and ready to go the way of unnecessary facts.

Decluttering for senior citizens includes both our inner world and the outer. Have a happy day of self discovery!

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10 Responses to Decluttering for Senior Citizens – It’s More Than Junk

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  3. Buz McGuire says:

    Excellent post filled with incredible wisdom.


  4. mshomeec says:

    You have challenged me this morning! Decluttering “things” is not an easy task, nor will decluttering “self” be quick and fun. However, the joy of Frances’ story inspires! I WILL begin today.

  5. Holley says:

    This lovely story came at the perfect time. I have begun de-cluttering my life of people and emotions that have kept me from being “me”. Those things will no longer control or influence my actions and thoughts.
    .-= Holley´s last blog ..It’s Time To Vote for the 2009 Giant Squid Awards =-.

  6. mukunda22 says:

    So True–and Wonderful!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Ebenezer Scrooge =-.

  7. stargazer00 says:

    It reminds me of that Napoleon Hill quote: “Think twice before you
    speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of
    either success or failure in the mind of another.”
    .-= stargazer00´s last blog ..T-Shirts Especially for Children of Sailors =-.

  8. Sally Kuyper says:

    How true. I have begun declutering. Only 2 grown sons who are not sentimental, so most things and clothes are being given to Salvation Army.

  9. Great story, thanks for sharing! I’m decluttering my office right now

  10. I’m involved with an ongoing decluttering project to clear our my old book inventory to make room for living my life now that I’m no longer actively selling books. The biggest mental issue is deciding to whom these several rooms of mostly new book inventory should go. Fortunately I don’t have old hurts or fractured relationships to deal with.

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