Dancing for Senior Citizens – Exercise That’s Fun!

dancing for senior citizensDancing, for senior citizens is not only exercise and fun, but good socialization, too!  We had a wonderful time last evening. We went dancing with the Rock Hill Shag Club. In fact, we applied for membership.

Our daughter and son-in-law went with us last night, and they had a great time too! Since the Carolina Shag is the State dance for South Carolina, all ages enjoy it. We have decided that a monthly shag night is a great adult family event, so next time we are hoping our son and daughter-in-law will join us too!  Do ask your children and friends to join you in some dancing for senior citizens.  The more the merrier.

It was fun last night to watch some of the older beach shaggers – the folks who danced at Ocean Drive back in the 1950’s. And oh those folks can really dance! I remember in the 1950’s, Mama would have us dance before school — probably to help us stay warm — we walked to school in those days!

In the 1950’s, we danced everywhere – in friend’s homes, in the high school gym, even in the church social hall! We seemed to dance our way through the 1960’s too!

Note to Seniors — I have finally learned that if I take two Tylenol at bedtime, and coat my feet and legs with Absorbine or some other linament after dancing, I do not have leg and foot cramps in the night! Now I can have fun knowing I won’t struggle for sleep!  Remember:  Dancing for senior citizens is important exercise, too.

Just in case you have never seen the Carolina Shag, I am including a video!
Carolina Shag Dance

Contact your local senior citizen associations for a list of places that give lessons and sign up.  Learning something new is also good for our brains – keeps us thinking and on our toes.

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8 Responses to Dancing for Senior Citizens – Exercise That’s Fun!

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  3. bevspaper says:

    Great exercise for Seniors or anyone…Dancing. We should all dance through life for sure. Loved that video! The Shag is sort of a cross between the Jitterbug, Ballroom, and Latin Style dancing isn’t it? We should start a petition and get it as a dance on “Dancing With The Stars”!
    .-= bevspaper´s last blog ..Birch Tree: A Native American Tribal Story =-.

  4. Correen says:

    Joan you are my kinda gal! Giving the skinny and the remedy 😉 Very cool you danced the night away and that it was family fun too. BTW I’ve never done the shag…it’s more like a shimmy, shimmy, “eek my hip” shake!
    .-= Correen´s last blog ..Do You Know Schnitz Un Gnepp? =-.

  5. mukunda22 says:

    I absolutely love to dance!! I am teaching Ulysses how to dance, to!!
    .-= mukunda22´s last blog ..Deliver Us From Health Insurance Corporations =-.

  6. Joan Adams says:

    Oh yes, Bev! That would be wonderful to see on “Dancing with the Stars!” The Carolina Shag! Though I still think the best shaggers are the ones who learned on the beach in the 50’s and 60’s at Ocean Drive Beach! They dance like they have sand in their shoes — honest! It’s so cool to watch! Lessons seem to take some of the natural flow out of it or something, but alas, among the younger folk, you see a more regimented version. But better that than nothing — we must keep the Carolina Shag alive!

  7. Joan Adams says:

    Yep, Kate! Whitey dances with Harley, too! lol The main one you have to practice right now is Cupid Shuffle! Jessica and Zach are even practicing! 🙂 lol

  8. Joan Adams says:

    lol Of course, Correen, I had to find a remedy! The last time we went dancing, I had a miserable night of not sleeping. Now, there is no excuse! lol

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