Crafts for the Elderly – Do You Volunteer?

Our guest today is Mary Beth Granger.   Mary Beth will tell us about her volunteer activities and crafts for the elderly.  Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, Mary Beth!

Mary Beth and Her Mom

Volunteering can be very rewarding.  When I retired six years ago I knew I wanted to do something to help people.  I have tried a couple of volunteer jobs that I loved, but when my Mom’s dementia got to the point where we needed to put her in a group home I decided that my time would be better served working with the people in her home where I could also spend more time with Mom.  I talked to the activity director at the home and volunteered to do a craft with the residents one day a week.
 The most difficult thing for me is coming up with enough craft ideas, but now that my friends know I am looking for craft projects they are always giving me ideas. I also have found several kits that work well with the group.
I have been working with crafts with the residents of Mom’s home for nearly a year now and it is by far the most rewarding volunter job I have ever had.  The residents are all so eager to do the crafts and the staff tells me that they are always asking if it is the day for me to come.  The activity director is also pleased to get a few hours where she can have someone else lead the activity.  I now have one of the other “daughters” who volunteers with me and helps with the craft.  Two of the other family members have decided to bring in treats on the days I am doing crafts.  Between all of us we have made “Friday Craft Days’ to be a special day for the residents.
Mary Beth Granger

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  1. Sylvestermouse says:

    This is a really fabulous write up and an excellent individual to spotlight.

    I have always admired Mary Beth. I met her online a few years ago and I was immediately drawn to her kindness, which is obvious in her writing. I also appreciate her eye for beauty which is so often evident in her photography. Here, she shows us her heart.

    Truly a beautiful lady who willingly gives of herself and her time.

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