Convenience is Critical for Senior Citizens – Part 3 of 3

Baskets, Paper Products, and Trays are three of my favorite things! You will see below how these can positively impact our senior years. Surprised? Check out these hints to see if they will be helpful to you!

Use a Basket: Whether in the car, to and from car, or around the house, baskets with one or two handles are the perfect answer for many tasks. Today, I tried this idea and it was fabulous! In the process of decluttering, I filled a basket with papers to sort, a pair of scissors, stapler, paper clips, pen and a garbage bag then headed to a table on my screened porch. Enjoying the beautiful day and fresh air, I pitched, forwarded, and organized a huge stack! What is usually a tedious, boring task became a much more pleasant experience. Baskets are perfect to take food to someone’s home, to organize supplies in one room, or to carry items from one room to another. Even my garden tools and gloves are in a basket. And a basket, which fits in the floor behind the driver’s seat of my car, holds paper towels, window cleaner, a bottle of water, pen/pencil, paper and other items. In what creative ways do you use baskets?

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Use Paper Products: I never thought I would see the day, but it is here! Despite my love of beautiful thin china, colorful pottery, or sparkling crystal and glass, I have resorted to using paper plates and bowls often! Cooking for one is not really fun, and there are always leftovers! I use a microwave and paper plate when I heat the second helpings for another meal. Warning, however. Do read the details of the paper products you select. All are not made for microwaving! Also, look for pretty ones to make your meal more appealing. You might also treat yourself to matching paper napkins and cups. Pretty holiday products are fun, too! Why not? A careful shopper can enjoy special, attractive mealtimes! And if you can, please recycle appropriately.

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Use Assorted Trays: In so many sizes, shapes, designs and materials, trays are a great help as we strive for the most convenient ways to keep some semblance of order in our surroundings. I am a tray person, no doubt! Going from room to room, I see a tray of some sort in almost every one. In my kitchen, a tray holds all of my coffee supplies and pot in a certain spot on the counter. Everything is together and that makes my first cup of coffee each morning so much quicker and easier. In my dressing area, all makeup and such are on a tray for immediate use. Another tray hold various hair products. Small travel treasures are arranged on a table tray in my living room. And of course, I have several more which are perfect when serving guests or taking a meal to the screened porch. Think about ways that trays can help you.

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Please share your ideas about using the above tips. Tell us other helpful secrets that have made your days happier and safer. Convenience is Critical!

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  1. Susan says:

    excellent suggestions. I find if it isn’t convenient for me I simply am not going to do it.

  2. Great article. I am now taking care of my parents part time and your suggestions are right on. Keep bringing us great tip on how to make things more convenient for them. I truly appreciate them. Thanks!

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