Convenience is Critical for Senior Citizens – Part 2 of 3

Relocating Home Essentials: Having what you need where you need it is a challenge! Can we do it? Of course, we can! It is time for change.

Do you still use all of your holiday decorations or just some of them? Are the ones you use easy to reach, put into place throughout your home, and enjoy? For years, I would go to the attic, hunt, select, haul up and down the stairs, then decorate; afterward, the putting away process was not fun. Now, however, I have simplified! I have moved only the decorations that I use into a closet on the main floor of my home. They are convenient, organized in well marked boxes, and neatly stored. I can decorate without fear of an accident in the process.

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Simplifying closet space may also involve serious steps of evaluating your entire wardrobe and disposing of all excess. Share, put in a yard sale or donate to a worthwhile cause! You will have more space to use for your home essentials, save time when selecting outfits, and love the reorganized closet! You may find a special niche for that new lightweight vacuum and other cleaning supplies (gathered appropriately in a basket).

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And don’t forget to take a good hard look at your kitchen! Open each upper cabinet door. Are the items you use most located on the lowest, easiest to reach shelf? Again, for convenience and safety, reorganize! Consider using lower cabinets and drawers as well. The risk is too great not to make changes now. We may drop and break dishes, slip and fall while stretching to get a certain bowl, or even worse, fall off a ladder if we resort to that. And last but not least, please walk through your home and gather every small, slippery throw rug! These can become truly hazardous for seniors.

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Now, think about your daily routine and at least make a list of the changes you believe will make each day happier and safer for you. You may want or need to ask someone to help you with the reorganization. Watch for Part 3 of Convenience is Critical – to challenge you and to provide more helpful hints.

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