Celebrate the Day, Seniors!

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We are there. We, as seniors, are daily becoming more and more aware of our own mortality.
Depressing thought! Day after day, year after year, we watch as family and friends develop illnesses, fight brave battles, suffer, and die. We hurt with them. We feel helpless. Sometimes we lose those we love. Sometimes suddenly. We grieve. We weep. And oh, do we miss the special ones in our lives. We remember times together, celebrations, sharing, kindnesses, happiness, laughter. And we mourn the loss.

I presently have eight people on my special list—all of whom are fighting major health issues. Some I cannot visit because of distance, others have friends closer than I am, and another has chosen to fight her battle with only close family. Nonetheless, they are all in my heart and mind each day. Now, what can I do?

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Oh, there are so many ways to let them know we are with them in spirit! For most, I have chosen to simply send a weekly card/note. Sometimes it is only a line or two, sometimes I share a special nature moment, and sometimes it is something silly or funny. The main thing, regardless of what is said, is that the person knows I am thinking of them.

Simple gifts may also bring a smile or giggle. Think about a silly, small, stuffed animal to share their bed or comfy chair. A sentimental pocket token may be a constant reminder of your love. A few flowers from your garden may be just the perfect bright spot in someone’s day. A small book of encouragement can be read over and over. Frame a happy memory photo to show your caring. A phone call, “May I bring you a milkshake? I’m out running errands! Anything else you need?” would really be a surprise. The offer of a meal or a visit (especially if a caregiver/family member needs to be away a short time) may truly be a valuable gift. A small pillow, elegant and beautiful or funny and bright, could bring comfort. Music can bring joy and calming–through a small battery operated radio or your own portable instrument and private concert. And the list can go on and on.

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This week, I, perhaps selfishly, have redirected my thinking about each day and how I live my own life. So many beautiful thoughts, guides and such have been written, but this one is mine. This is “where I am” and “what I am thinking.” It is what I believe, and the way I will live ….each day that I have on earth. With that said, I am sharing with you, in hopes that you will stop, think, and find you own “way” to absolutely Celebrate The Day…..each and every one!

Celebrate the Day

The more I think about

my special ones who

struggle, suffer, and die…

The more aware I am

of how very important it is…


Love every day, every way I can…

Live every day, every way I can…


Enjoy, share, savor, touch, listen,

hug in person, by mail, by phone…

Observe, treasure, hold, smell, admire…

Smile, dance, whistle, sing, laugh…

Thank, praise, commend, honor, pray…

Learn, try, explore, investigate, encourage…

Play, rest, create, dare, plan, go, and do…

Understand, care, give,  bless, and forgive…

And so…

I will…Celebrate the day!

Every day! Every moment!

For I am only one breath away

from where my special ones are today.

Created and Contributed by Betty DeLorme – Copyright – Do not copy.  

About jta

South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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16 Responses to Celebrate the Day, Seniors!

  1. Susan says:

    What a beautiful post. and so thoughtful. Sometimes the smallest thing can make someone feel so much better. You are a very sweet woman Joan. I’m glad I know you.

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Thank you, Susan. I agree! It is the little things–little surprises–that can brighten anyone’s day! Have a happy one!

  2. Dianne says:

    Very good and thoughtful advice. It doesn’t take a lot to let someone know you’re thinking of them and it can mean so much. I saw this while I was sitting with my mom in a nursing home after she broke her hip. So many of the residents rarely had visitors or any contact from friends and family. So sad.

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Dianne, I can’t imagine never seeing or hearing from family! Special kindesses by others (staff at medical/care facilities, neighbors at home, old friends, volunteers, etc) mean so much. We can truly “make a difference” in someone’s day!

  3. Debbie McMinn says:

    Betty, what a beautiful, thought-provoking poem and article. Thank you for the reminder that each moment in life is precious, and we need to celebrate it!

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Indeed we do, Debbie! We most often get so “busy” with day to day routines that we miss the wonder, beauty, and great opportunities for joy! Enjoy today and yes, celebrate!

  4. Wonderful post, Betty. I love you, sister dear!

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      I am so glad you liked this, dear sister, Nancy! Perhaps it came from happy childhood memories of dancing before walking to school, picnics, rowing a boat, pets, singing in the car on trips, etc. Wonderful memories for a lifetime and reminders to truly celebrate the day!

  5. Betty DeLorme says:

    Thank you, dear Michey! Showing we care about someone doesn’t have to be expensive gifts, does it? Oftentimes, it costs nothing–a call, a touch, a hug, a gentle word, a smile. All of these small things are treasures for the moment and memories for later. We should all share these when we have the opportunity and savor the kindnesses we receive. Have a wonderful day!

  6. What beautiful sentiments and poetry. I had a client who lived to be almost 101. She always said the worst thing about getting that old is losing everyone you love. I have a difficult time letting people go, so I can only imagine…

    You have a great outlook on life, though, and that’s very encouraging to me!

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Margaret, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Wow, 101 year old! Amazing, isn’t it? I had lunch yesterday with a 90 year old friend and had a delightful time! She still lives alone in her home, drives, and enjoys life! We talked a bit about getting old and worries. She explained that she sometimes awakes, worrying about things at her home. “I don’t know why I worry. So I stop and get into the day.” Her home is tidy, she cooks and eats healthy meals, enjoys nature, and treasures family and friends. What an inspiration!

  7. Lori Hammer says:

    I just can’t read this poem too many times! Beautiful, provacative, haunting and motivating.

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Oh, dear Lori! Thank you…..and even more thank yous for your insights in the draft stages and your constant encouragement and friendship!

      • Lori Hammer says:

        Whoa! That’s a lot of credit for suggesting 2 measly words, dear friend!

  8. Patrick White says:

    Thank you Betty for a wonderful poem.
    That is just marvelous.

    • Betty DeLorme says:

      Patrick, I really appreciate your positive response. Thank you!

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