Capture the Past! Share with the Future! Write Your Personal History in Snippets!

Do you know about your Mom’s early life? Your Dad’s work? Where they lived? What they did for fun?

Do your children and grandchildren know those things about you? Will they remember your shared stories and details about your life?

It’s now the perfect time for us to record these and that is what I have been doing on . In short little stories, I have managed to explore my own memories and share with others. Some are funny, some are sad, but all are true! Conversations with my two sisters stirred more thoughts and the entire process has been terrific. You can read one of our favorite snippets here: The Imaginary Line.

When I have completed my wonderful walk down memory lane, I plan to gather copies of them all and have the stories printed and spiral bound for various family members. Such stories make any genealogical records and publications come to life and present the real people, activities, and events.

Here is an easy way to begin:

-Purchase a legal pad or steno pad
-Put a pen or two with the paper
-Place these where you are most likely to use them
-Jot the memory or write the brief entry in the pad
-Try to make at least one or more entries a day for a set period of time
-Review, expand, or rewrite each little story
-Type the notes in draft or final form
-Discuss printing options with local copy shop or printer
-Make the list of those who will receive an autographed copy
-Finalize and order your own book of memories.

Honest, I promise! This is such fun! Doing an entry or more each day is easy and not a burden. There are so many questions to be answered, tales to tell, events to describe! You will enjoy the process.

Fortunately, in many communities, there are people who can help in numerous ways if any parts of these suggestions concern you. Seek assistance with writing your memoirs, or do it yourself. My challenge for you is to do it! Capture the past! Share with the future!

Betty Tate DeLorme


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South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.
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