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South Carolina grandmother who loves to write, dance, and visit with friends and family.

A Meeting at My Mailbox Changed My Life

December 2014, my hubby and I had just moved into our 55+ new home in Rock Hill. Because my hubby accepted a job with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we moved from Pennsylvania. One day, as typical of Southern ladies, someone … Continue reading

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House Cleaning Tips for Seniors – Part I

Those of us in our senior years need all the house cleaning tips we can get.  Whether you live in 1 room or 10, alone or with others, house cleaning is part of our lives! The dust collects, the dirt … Continue reading

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Hobbies Senior Citizens Enjoy – Birdwatching

One of the most popular hobbies senior citizens enjoy is birdwatching.  Nothing has brought me more pleasure since I retired than the opportunity to enjoy nature around my home. If you live in an apartment complex or other housing, you … Continue reading

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How to Do Family Tree Research

Learn how to do family tree research right here.  We can get you on the right track today.  Researching family history is such an adventure! Over the years, my time, study, research, and recording have varied – from day-after-day to … Continue reading

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Death, Dying and Mary Jim

She spoke with the sad voice of experience. “Joanie, sometimes death is sweet and sometimes death is hard. Your daddy’s death was sweet.” Continue reading

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Grandma Journal – Kids Say the Cutest Things!

A grandma journal is fun to do and journaling for the grandchildren is one of the most important tasks of a grandparent. Making a journal of the grandchildren’s cute sayings is a fun project. Of course, since my husband is … Continue reading

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Best Fourth of July Dog Outfits for Patriotic Dogs

Fourth of July dog outfits are high on our priority list this year – My husband and his new guide dog graduated from Southeastern Guide Dogs in January.  Every new holiday is a little extra fun with our new family … Continue reading

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