Agenda: Driving America Down – A Review for Seniors

Our guest post today is from my dear friend, Dianne Loomos.  Dianne is a true patriot and student of the US Constitution.  When Dianne speaks, I listen!  I think you will too!  Thank you, Dianne!

As seniors we have the advantage of hindsight. We have lived through some significant events in our lifetimes. Have you ever looked back and wondered how our country jumped the track? When did God become irrelevant and disrespected? When did our high school students start talking like drunken sailors? Why is the divorce rate so high? Why isn’t the younger generation able to spell and use correct grammar?

All of these things happened by design. We have an insidious enemy. Nikita Krushchev was the premier of the Soviet Union in the fifties and sixties. He presided over the Soviet Union during the Cold War when American school children were taught to hide under their desks during a nuclear attack if they couldn’t get to a fallout shelter. He warned America that they would take us down without firing a single shot. They would take us down from within. Who is “they?” “They” is communism.

What? Didn’t the threat of communism go away when the Berlin wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed? No, we became complacent. We allowed ourselves to become dumbed down. We didn’t pay attention. We went along with what we were told. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom and we didn’t pay the price.

In order to succeed in America the communists knew they would have to first break down some of our dearly held traditions. God would be removed from our schools and government institutions. They would have to break down our virtue and morality. The nuclear family would have to be destroyed. They would gain control of the schools and brainwash our children.

They wouldn’t call it communism. Americans would never accept that they were aiding the communist effort. It would be called by such names as liberalism, environmentalism, feminism, and progressivism, and people would feel that they were supporting good and noble causes. Americans would be turned into what Vladimir Lenin called “useful idiots” unwittingly helping to promote the cause of communism.

If this topic is of interest to you I suggest that you get the DVD Agenda: Grinding America Down

. It will go into much more detail about how this happened and where it is taking us.

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