A Telephone For Senior Citizens

I want a telephone for senior citizens! Don’t you? Those of us who remember the old black phones with a rotary dial are often confused by the new technology. I don’t need a phone that sings and dances and answers all my questions. I know most everything I need to know by now. I just want to be able to communicate with my children and grandchildren or call for emergency help if we need it. Texting? Facetime? I am trying to learn.  In the meantime, I am researching the simplest telephones for senior citizens.

Best Desktop Telephone for Senior Citizens

There are desktop phones available for people with low vision or hearing issues. And quite frankly, I still feel more secure with at least one land line in the house. We forget to charge the cell phones too often.

High Volume 40 dB Large Big Button Photo Dialer With Speaker Phone For Who May Have Age-Related Eye(s) Or And Ear ProblemsHigh Volume 40 dB Large Big Button 911 Emergency Telephones For Who May Have Age-Related Eye(s) Or And Ear Problems

Which is The Best Cell Phone for Senior Citizens?

We do have choices in cell phones that are easy to use. The Jitterbug is top ranked and includes emergency medical contact, texting, and even a great little camera. It is a good idea to click on each phone and read and compare the details. Each one of us has different levels of ability and need. Choose the cell phone that meets your needs at the moment. Next year, your needs may change. Remember that you are not limited in your choice, but you can change your cell phone style as your own needs change. It is important for us to remember to be flexible about these things. We grew up in a time when products were used until they wore out. But technology improves daily. Use the technology that is most helpful to you in your senior years.

GreatCall Jitterbug5 Easy-to-Use Cell Phone and Medical Alert Device for Seniors – RedBig Button Senior Citizen Elderly Mobile Cell Phone Dual SIM Dual Standby SOS ButtonSenior Citizen Phone – Rugged, SOS, Quad Band GSM, BluetoothBLTON A508 1.85 Inch Display Elders Mobile Phone


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2 Responses to A Telephone For Senior Citizens

  1. bevspaper says:

    You know I think some phone designer is missing a HUGE market. The phones aren’t really designed for those of us who have matured enough that our eyesight is failing and our hearing isn’t what it used to be. Yet, we are an age group that takes up a very large portion of this planet.

  2. Dianne Loomos says:

    We have a Jitterbug which we love. It’s very simple to use and loud enough that we can hear. Nothing fancy and not confusing.

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