A Meeting at My Mailbox Changed My Life

My Last Last Name is GraceDecember 2014, my hubby and I had just moved into our 55+ new home in Rock Hill. Because my hubby accepted a job with Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, we moved from Pennsylvania.

One day, as typical of Southern ladies, someone stopped me to simply chitchat, as I was meandering toward my mailbox. By the time we had introduced ourselves to each other, Lynn invited me to attend the “Adventures in Learning” classes of the Shepherd’s Center, held at one of the local Baptist churches.

We have Creative Writing classes, arts and crafts, world religions and other topics of interest. Check out our website,” Lynn explained.

writing classBeing an RN, I decided to hold down a part-time job and ease into retirement. I would devote hours to start writing down stories worthy to be passed onto my family. However, when South Carolina’s Board of Nursing would not accept my Pennsylvania CEUs, I felt God was closing the door to work as an RN. Thus, more hours became available to attend a Creative Writing class, which sparked some interest.

Fast forward four years, Joan Adams and Lee Miller were the key players in my writing my memoir titled, “My Last Last Name is Grace.” Available on Amazon, my novel about my Mennonite upbringing would not be possible without the non-threatening Creative Writing class and the support of my instructors and peers.  Writing your personal history opens doors you cannot imagine.

Never underestimate how God works behind the scenes, opening and closing “stage curtains” of our lives. Stay tuned for little forks in the road as simple as a designed meeting at a mailbox!

My Last Last Name Is Grace by Beaty Miller

My Last Last Name Is Grace Beaty Miller Christian Faith Publishing

Beaty Miller, Author

Waterfalls of Grace

PS – from Joan –  Writing your personal history is a challenge, but it can certainly be fun.   Your personal history story is a gift to the next generation.   Imagine future generations reading your book – learning about how you lived in the 1950s or the 1960s.

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3 Responses to A Meeting at My Mailbox Changed My Life

  1. Nancy says:

    Great story and I am looking forward to reading the book

  2. I love the way God works. And yes, so often when one door closes there’s another one opening. We just have to give up the closed door to more ahead.
    Are you going to start doing emails? I would love to get a notice when you post.
    Love, Hugs, and Prayers.

    • jta says:

      at this point, we have no plans to send emails. But I will certainly let you know when we do. Thank you for reading!

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