Writing in a 10 Year Journal

Do you journal? One of the simplest ways to journal is with a Ten Year Journal 2015 10 year journal
. You just have to write 5 lines a day. Each page shows you the same date for 10 years – such fun to look back and see what you were doing on the same day last year and the years before. A 10 year journal is a gift you give yourself – and a wonderful gift for friends.

Admittedly, the first year is the hardest, but if you are faithful to it, you will create a treasure!

There is a space at the back too for special notes — My little granddaughter is 8, but I just read last night a note I had written when she helped me decorate the tree when she was just 18 months old. so glad I did that. She was in love with pearls. And we loaded the tree with them that year!

Ten Year Journal 2015 – Black CoverTen Year Journal 2015 – Burgundy Cover

Journaling is a healthy practice too! Research has shown that journaling is good for us. We need to take a few moments every day to be thankful, to reflect on our accomplishments and our memories. Now is the perfect time to start that habit.

A few years ago, I gave a 10 year journal like this to a friend who was getting married in her senior years. When I visited recently, I spotted the journal on a table in the living room. She said they have traveled so much and they record all their trips in their 10 year journal. They both said the journal had become a treasure trove of their memories. How precious!

Does 10 years seem too daunting to you at our age? Try a 5 year journal. Whatever journaling you do, the important thing is to do it! Take 5 minutes a day – that’s all.

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If nothing else, grab a composition book and write out your prayers every day. Take a few moments for yourself. As my sweet stepmom would say, “You are worth it!”


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2 Responses to Writing in a 10 Year Journal

  1. karen says:

    My daughter received a 5 year journal when she graduated High school… she loves it! It will follow her through university.

  2. I love journaling but I must admit it has fallen off my radar recently. It is just a matter of getting back into the habit. Thanks for the reminder. Love the idea of a ten year journal, mine are a mish mash of all sorts of books that took my fancy at the time and in fact I just disposed of a couple of empty ones because I had ‘gone off” the look of them.

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